Hitting a Patreon Milestone

I am on my third day of a two week vacation, my first vacation in over eight years. It might be the third vacation I’ve had in my adult life. I’m not good at vacations. And trust me I am not humblebragging — I don’t think this is healthy and I don’t recommend foregoing vacations for eight years as part of a balanced breakfast. For one thing, I’m spending this vacation cleaning the house.

And working on ResearchBuzz. If you’re a patron on Patreon you’ve been seeing this. When I logged in last night to post something I noticed that the ResearchBuzz Patreon has hit the $400/month milestone. Do you know what that means? It means weekly articles on Internet search and resources and techniques and whatever else I got rolling around in my head.

And as always the articles are CC BY-NC-SA — non-commercial entities (like genealogy groups, or schoolteachers at public schools, or non-profit orgs) are welcome to share and use the articles with attribution.

So PATREON PATRONS, thanks for helping me. In return, I’m going to hopefully help other people with my writing, because that’s the way it should work. Right?

(I’m still working on Patreon alternatives, stay tuned.)

Last night I spent some time playing with a tool called Fleeq, and using it I made a little video (less than two minutes) on how to monitor ResearchBuzz Firehose for keywords and tags. Check it out.

Love as always!

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  1. Good for you! I am looking forward to your articles. Now find something fun to do on vacation besides cleaning the house!

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