NGW UK Wrestling, Privacy Policies, Bicycle Frames, More: Saturday Buzz, February 10, 2018


I wasn’t sure whether I would put this in or not, but it’s the weekend, it’s an information collection, and it’s well done. New Generation Wrestling UK has has uploaded over 200 wrestling videos to its YouTube channel. They are well produced and the few matches I looked at had good commentary (the collection is not all matches but there are many, many matches.) PS: My favorite wrestler is Dean Malenko. Do not @ me.

Wired: An AI That Reads Privacy Policies So That You Don’t Have To. “Today, researchers at Switzerland’s Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan announced the release of Polisis—short for ‘privacy policy analysis’—a new website and browser extension that uses their machine-learning-trained app to automatically read and make sense of any online service’s privacy policy, so you don’t have to.”

Bikerumor: Find your local frame builder with global map and database. “The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is just around the corner, and frame builders from all around the world will begin to make the journey to Connecticut very soon. But when NAHBS is over, how will you find them? Sure, a number of frame builders have such a reputation that they’re easy to find, but others can be a little more obscure.”

Thompson Reuters: Digital girls database to unlock “invisible” discrimination. “Researchers are closer to understanding the ‘invisible’ lives of millions of girls – why they flunk school or marry young – with the launch on Wednesday of a digital database tracking girls’ rights around the globe. The database will log policy documents on issues from health to marriage to education, a children’s aid agency said, with the hope that greater scrutiny will improve their life chances.”


Digital Trends: Yahoo Mail’s latest feature makes it easy to keep up with the Winter Olympics. “The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially begun and for those using Yahoo Mail, keeping up with the events is much easier. With its new desktop and mobile app feature, you can stay on top of the Winter Games without having to leave your inbox.”

BetaNews: Opera 51 unveils better Windows performance, host of functional tweaks. “Just one month after its previous update, Opera Software has unveiled Opera 51.0, the latest version of its Chromium-based browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. There’s no let up in new features and improvements in Opera 51. Chief among these is the promise of faster browsing on Windows, with Opera claiming it’s 38 percent faster than Firefox 58. This is down to the fact the program code is now compiled using Clang.”

Google Online Security Blog: A secure web is here to stay. “For the past several years, we’ve moved toward a more secure web by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. And within the last year, we’ve also helped users understand that HTTP sites are not secure by gradually marking a larger subset of HTTP pages as ‘not secure’. Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’.”


Techradar: The best Linux distro for privacy and security in 2018 . “The awesome operating system Linux is free and open source. As such, there are thousands of different ‘flavours’ available – and some types of Linux such as Ubuntu are generic and meant for many different uses. But security-conscious users will be pleased to know that there are also a number of Linux distributions (distros) specifically designed for privacy.”


Radio Free Asia: China to Try Outspoken Nanjing Journalist For ‘Subversive’ Social Media Posts. “Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu are preparing to try an outspoken journalist for subversion in a Nanjing court, RFA has learned. Sun Lin, who also uses the online nickname Jie Mu, has been held under criminal detention for more than a year, and faces charges of ‘incitement to subvert state power,’ a source close to him said.”

The Verge: YouTube suspends Logan Paul’s ad revenue, blames ‘recent pattern of behavior’. “YouTube says his infractions include trying to monetize a video that violates the company’s advertiser-friendly guidelines, encouraging his followers to do the Tide Pod challenge, and, in one recent video, taking a fish out of his pond to jokingly give it CPR and then tasering a dead rat.”


The Register: Corpse! of! Yahoo! drags! emails! of! the! dead! case! to! US! Supreme! Court!. “Should a court-appointed lawyer be allowed to rifle through your email account after you die? The artist formerly known as Yahoo! has asked the US Supreme Court to answer that question for users in the United States.”


Phys .org: AI computer vision breakthrough IDs poachers in less than half a second. “Thousands of animals including elephants, tigers, rhinos, and gorillas are poached each year. Researchers at the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society have long been applying AI to protect wildlife. Initially, computer scientists were using AI and game theory to anticipate the poachers’ haunts, and now they have applied artificial intelligence and deep learning to spot poachers in near real-time.” Good morning, Internet…

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