Pennsylvania History, Māori Language, News Sources, More: Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, March 6, 2018


Pennsylvania Historic Preservation: Sharing PA-SHARE. “Over its 50 years of operation, the PA State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) has produced and received a large and varied quantity of archival materials. This includes Environmental Review files, more than 13,000 archaeology and above ground survey reports, 165,000 historic and archaeological resource forms, National Register nominations, tax credit applications, and more that amounts to millions of pages of paper documents and photographs.”


Maori Television: Te Mātāwai seeks input for free reo database. “A sustained language is a living language- that is the ethos driving a new survey launched by Te Mātāwai to develop a free database of te reo Māori revitalisation activities and resources. Te Mātāwai is asking people who have organised, participated in, or funded activities or developed resources to support te reo Māori revitalisation to complete the online survey about their efforts.” te reo Māori means the Māori language.

Phys .org: NewsGuard, new venture to combat ‘fake news’. “Two prominent American journalists announced plans Monday to launch a venture called NewsGuard which will provide online users with ‘reliability ratings’ for media outlets. NewsGuard’s founders said they will hire dozens of experienced journalists to analyse the 7,500 news and information websites which are the “most accessed and shared” in the United States.”

Search Engine Land: Google selling Zagat to restaurant recommendations site The Infatuation. “The New York Times is reporting that Google will sell Zagat to restaurant search and recommendations site The Infatuation. Terms were not disclosed; an announcement will be made today. The potential sale was first reported by Reuters earlier this year. Google bought the Zagat brand and all of its content in 2011 for roughly $151 million in the wake of an unsuccessful effort to acquire Yelp.”


New York Times: Here Come the Fake Videos, Too. “Artificial intelligence video tools make it relatively easy to put one person’s face on another person’s body with few traces of manipulation. I tried it on myself. What could go wrong?” A deep and pretty scary dive.

Advertising Age: Over Sharing. “In the last quarter of 2017, time spent on Facebook every day declined by 5 percent, or 50 million hours, a drop the company attributed to its intentional efforts to prioritize more meaningful content. But it also saw the number of North Americans on the platform fall for the first time, to 184 million from 185 million in the third quarter.”

Quartz: The internet, slow and sketchy, is back in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions—for now. “Access Now, a global advocacy group that has been pushing leaders to stop disrupting the internet under the #KeepItOn campaign, confirmed the internet was back as of Thursday (Mar. 1). While social media sites were back, users continued to complain about pages uploading slowly while some websites still couldn’t be accessed without a virtual private network.”


CBR: Alibaba launches quantum computing power on public cloud. “Alibaba is aiming to compete with IBM as it launches its own quantum powered computing services in its cloud. The cloud company will be teaming up with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to unleash the quantum computer, which will run on a processer with 11 qubits of power. Alibaba’s announcement will put its superconducting quantum computing cloud will rank in the top two most powerful computing services in the world, behind IBM.”

AltDIA on Medium: Mass Shootings and Manipulation of the Masses: Exposing Russia’s Disinformation Weaponry. “Since the beginning of the Trump administration, Americans have been continually stunned by a stream of near constant scandal and corruption. Since Mr. Trump assumed office, a small band of dedicated Americans have come together under the banner of the #AltGov to oppose his most dangerous policies, and stop the flood of misinformation that swept him into office. Recently, we have assembled a group of specialists to intercept, oppose, and study the measures Russia has deployed against the United States.”

NPR All Tech Considered: In The Future Movie Stars May Be Performing Even After They’re Dead. “Technology is threatening a lot of jobs — travel agents, truck drivers, factory workers. But here’s one you might not expect: actors. Technology in the entertainment business is on course to create digital actors who compete with live ones. The Acadamy Award-winning Blade Runner 2049 gives us a glimpse of this future.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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