Artist Biographies, Woodstock Music Festival, Tech Industry, More: Friday Buzz, August 3, 2018


New-to-me, from Hyperallergic: A New Online Project Rethinks How We Learn About Artists and Archive Their Life and Work. “In 2015, [Glenn] Wharton joined his colleague Deena Engel at New York University to establish the Artist Archives Initiative, a forum to promote the research and dissemination of knowledge about the display and care of contemporary art. The initiative is also strategic, responding to the art world’s growing need for a thorough network of documents and research to aid future exhibitions and the reengagement of interest in previously forgotten artists.”

Best Classic Bands: Bethel Woods Launches Online Woodstock Archive. “The Museum at Bethel Woods, located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair in Bethel, N.Y., has launched an online archive of Woodstock photography and video from its collection, making rare archival images available to the public for the first time on the eve of the festival’s 49th anniversary.”


Reuters: Facebook, Twitter, Google executives to testify in U.S. Senate Sept. 5. “Senior executives of Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc.’s Google will testify to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee on Sept. 5, Senator Mark Warner, the committee’s Democratic vice chairman, said on Wednesday.”

CNET: Twitch catches Korean wave, will stream 26 dramas this month. “If you’re a Korean TV drama addict, there’s a new way you can get your fix. Twitch has announced a partnership with Warner Bros’ DramaFever that will allow it to stream 254 episodes from 26 Korean dramas (Kdramas) four days a week throughout August.”

TechCrunch: PSA: Automatic cross-posting of tweets to Facebook no longer works as of today. “You can no longer automatically cross-post your tweets to Facebook . Twitter announced today that functionality is now coming to an end, and users will instead have to copy a tweet’s URL if they want to share a tweet to Facebook going forward. In a statement, the company attributed the change to a recent Facebook update.” I think Facebook is going to get a lot less busy for me. I have several FB friends who are only active on FB via their activity on other social media accounts.

New York Times: Facebook’s Security Chief to Depart for Stanford University. “When Facebook revealed on Tuesday that it had identified a political influence campaign ahead of the November midterm elections, the company’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, was front-and-center in speaking on the issue. But Mr. Stamos will exit the social network this month, just as Facebook steps up its efforts to combat misinformation and foreign interference.” I really hope this gentleman writes a book one day.


MakeUseOf: 7 DIY Project Ideas for Putting an Old Raspberry Pi to Use. “You found it! Stuck at the back of your DIY drawer, a Raspberry Pi Model A or B that you put away years ago, perhaps when the Raspberry Pi 2 launched. It has been doing nothing ever since, its time having passed. Or has it? Like an old PC, you can still get great results from an old Raspberry Pi. Here are several ways you can still make use of an older Raspberry Pi Model A or B.”

Elite Daily: Here’s How To Use Snapchat’s Voice-Controlled Lenses, & I Can’t Stop Talking. “Snapchat is here with a new way to control the Lenses you love, and you don’t have to lift a finger to do so. Snapchat released a new voice-controlled feature on Wednesday, Aug. 1, that allows users to activate new Snapchat Lenses simply by speaking to the app. It’s really that easy, and I can’t stop talking to pull up the fun new Lenses. If you are as eager as I am to use the new feature, wait no more. Here’s how to use Snapchat’s voice-controlled Lenses to send your next Snap.”

Mother Jones: How to Spot a Russian Bot. “Various experts have offered guides to spotting Twitter bots, though the specifics can get pretty obscure and technical. We’ve culled the below from some of the best online guides and expert advice—with the caveat that malicious actors continue to grow more sophisticated and none of these indicators is surefire.” This is a much meatier article than the usual “how to spot a bot” offerings.


NBC News: Facebook’s new foreign influence report excluded most divisive rhetoric. “On Tuesday morning, the political and tech worlds were startled to learn that Facebook had identified and stopped a new covert campaign to spread divisive political messages on its platform, the first such announcement since 2017. But Facebook released only some of the pages and content publicly. What it did not reveal was the depth some of the pages went to stoke racial tension and incite division among Americans.”

Esquire ME: How to be an Instagram Husband (by an Instagram Husband). “The term was first coined by a viral video in 2015, mocked up as a PSA for reluctant, photo-snapping boyfriends, and three years later it’s practically become a pre-requisite for countless modern relationships. Of course, you’re not a true Instagram husband unless you risk life and limb, perching on slippery walls and craning off cliffs, in the hunt for a few extra likes. Unless you let meals go cold finding the right angle, and then mouldy as you fiddle with the lighting levels.” Oh dear. I think my IRL husband would head for the hills.


Eyerys: Researchers Gave ‘Blurred Face’ Visual Anonymity An AI ‘Painting’ Approach. “Not limited to creating something astonishing and never seen before, AI can also improvise existing technologies, as researchers from SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) have demonstrated. Usually, blurring people’s faces for anonymity, like in the news, requires specialized software that tracks an area or multi-point areas, which adjust dynamically in shapes and sizes as the object moves. Researchers created an a way to replace this ‘blurring’ technique using AI.”


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