West Virginia History, Edinburgh Photography, US Civil War, More: Thursday Buzz, August 30, 2018


Herald-Mail Media: Jefferson Co. Museum collection on new website. “The Jefferson County Museum’s county history collection now is available online. Internet users can view the museum’s collection of objects, images, documents and publications through a searchable online database… The online collection includes digital images of thousands of artifacts and photographs.” This is Jefferson County, West Virginia.

Digit: Digital Archive Collaboration Will Preserve Edinburgh’s Past. “Edinburgh’s Libraries Service is collaborating with the Living Memory Association to preserve Edinburgh’s past through its digital images archive. Edinburgh Collected is an online collection available through library service where people can browse or share photographs and memories of Edinburgh’s past. Users can also upload pictures or save them to an online scrapbook. The online collection will host more than 2,500 pictures provided by the Leith-based association, adding to what is already the most extensive historic photography database in Edinburgh.”

106.3WORD: Digitizing Federal Civil War Documents. “One of the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum’s most popular collections used by Civil War researchers will soon be available online — but it’s going to take some time. The South Carolina State Library is working with the Relic Room to scan and digitize hundreds of documents from the Colin J. McRae Papers, Huse Audit Series. Huse was a Confederate purchasing agent for the breakaway states’ Ordinance Department in Britain.” About 170 documents have been put online so far.


Reuters: Exclusive: Iran-based political influence operation – bigger, persistent, global. “An apparent Iranian influence operation targeting internet users worldwide is significantly bigger than previously identified, Reuters has found, encompassing a sprawling network of anonymous websites and social media accounts in 11 different languages.”

New York Times: Rotten Tomatoes Adds 200 Critics as It Tries to Be More Inclusive. “Rotten Tomatoes, the powerful review aggregation service, substantially revised its criteria for critics on Tuesday in an effort to include more female and minority voices and better reflect podcast and YouTube reviewing.”

Mozilla Blog: Let’s be Transparent . “Two years ago, we released the Firefox Hardware Report to share with the public the state of desktop hardware. Whether you’re a web developer deciding what hardware settings to test against or someone just interested in CPUs and GPUs, we wanted to provide a public resource to show exactly what technologies are running in the wild. This year, we’re continuing the tradition by releasing the Firefox Public Data Report. ”


MakeUseOf: Learn Better on YouTube: 8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions. “YouTube has been the default secondary and in a few cases, the main source of knowledge for millions of people. Whether it’s simply to acquire a new skill with video tutorials or refine the existing ones, YouTube has a lot to offer. However, if you’re one of these users, you must have felt the absence of proper learning tools and native features. Thankfully, there are third-party solutions available that can turn YouTube into a more powerful educational platform. Here are several Chrome extensions for improving your learning experience on YouTube.” Great topic idea and a great list!


Harvard: Major upgrade for TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform. “We’re happy to announce a major upgrade to TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform developed by the Harvard Open Access Project. TagTeam allows users to manage open, tag-based research projects on any topic, provide real-time alerts of new developments, and organize knowledge for easy searching and sharing. Unlike other tagging platforms, it lets project owners guide the evolution of their tag vocabulary in a process it calls folksonomy in, ontology out.”

ArchDaily: The Most Important New Tool for Architects: Instagram. “In the current iteration of our digital age, Instagram is king in the social media. Boasting 1 billion (yes, with a ‘b’) active monthly users, if you are a business and not on Instagram, you are missing out. Given the visual nature of the platform, architects and designers have flocked to the platform, using it to market their work, promote new ideas, and even pull in commissions. Other aggregator accounts use the platform to find and foster new talent, creating an entirely digital architectural community that is open to all.”


BetaNews: Privacy: Yahoo still scans your emails… and wants to sell data to advertisers. “Oath — the owner of Yahoo — is in talks with advertisers, promoting a service that scans the content of emails and provides a wealth of information about users. The service would give advertisers access to data contained in over 200 million Yahoo Mail inboxes. Email scanning would also apply to AOL Mail inboxes, also owned by Oath. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, Oath is now the only major US email provider than scans emails in this way — and the way to opt out is well-hidden.”

Los Angeles Times: FBI to talk to Rep. Maxine Waters’ opponent about tweeting of fake letter. “The FBI and Capitol Police want to talk with Rep. Maxine Waters’ 2018 Republican opponent about a fake letter he posted to Twitter that falsely indicated the congresswoman wants to resettle tens of thousands of refugees in her Los Angeles district.”


Techdirt: A Link Tax Won’t Bring Back Journalists; It Will Do Even More Harm To Them. “While most of the attention on the upcoming votes around the EU Copyright Directive is on the mandatory filters found in Article 13, we should be just as concerned about the link tax in Article 11. European publishers have been flat out lying about the proposal, which is little more than an attempt to just demand cash from Google and Facebook. We’ve already explained why this is a bad idea. And it’s not a theoretical issue either. This very same proposal has been tried in Germany and Spain and it failed miserably in both places, to the point of doing serious damage to traffic to news sites, without increasing revenue.” Good morning, Internet…

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