Illinois Higher Education, Twitter, Brazil Museum Fire, More: Sunday Buzz, September 9, 2018


Chicago Tribune: New website offers comparative shopping data for prospective Illinois college students. “The state is rolling out an ambitious new centralized data portal for prospective Illinois college students that compiles information on graduation rates, costs, student debt and, for the first time, potential career earnings of graduates of the state’s two- and four-year institutions.”


Neowin: Twitter introduces audio-only broadcasting for iOS. “Twitter has allowed its users to broadcast video for some time now, thanks to its dedicated Periscope app. However, the social network feels there may be a subset of users who would rather not stream video of themselves but still broadcast audio for some reason.” Raises hand.

Remezcla: Students Are Collecting Images to Digitally Preserve Brazil’s Museu Nacional After Tragic Fire. “The loss of such an important establishment has sparked feelings of anger, lament, and shock. As many blame the government for not properly investing in the Museo Nacional and accuse the current administration of trying to erase their history, others are looking for ways to help. And while, many of these pieces can never be replaced, students at the Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro are hoping to build a digital archive of sorts.”


MakeUseOf: Google Keep vs. Evernote: Which Note Keeping App Is Best for You?. “You can find plenty of note-taking sites and mobile apps, but Google Keep and Evernote are two very popular options. And it’s with good reason that they both top the list, as you’ll read below.”


BuzzFeed News: Teachers Are Moonlighting As Instagram Influencers To Make Ends Meet. “If you saw Amy Groesbeck during school hours, you’d think she’s just your typical third-grade teacher. But when the 33-year-old goes home each evening, that’s when her second job begins. She pulls out her iPad and logs into Instagram — where she has more than 90,000 followers.”

Nieman Lab: Are you sure that promoted article is still political content, Facebook?. “It happened again: A news organization tried to pay Facebook to promote its journalism — which included reporting on politics — and Facebook said no, declaring it ‘political content’ the news organization wasn’t authorized to push.”

New York Times: As Germans Seek News, YouTube Delivers Far-Right Tirades. “Ray Serrato, a Berlin-based digital researcher, noticed the tide of misinformation when his wife’s uncle showed him a YouTube video that claimed the rioters had been Muslim refugees. The video, posted by an obscure fringe group, was rambling, and it appeared to be cheaply produced. Yet it had nearly half a million views — far more than any news video on the riots. How was that possible?”

Romania Insider: Govt. launches Romania’s Digital Library project. “The Government approved on Wednesday, September 5, the launch of the E-cultura: Romania’s Digital Library project.”


The Guardian: British Airways customer data stolen from its website. “British Airways is investigating the theft of customer data from its website and app over a two-week period and has urged customers affected to contact their banks or credit card providers. The airline said around 380,000 payment cards had been compromised and it had notified the police.”

The Intercept: IBM Used NYPD Surveillance Footage To Develop Technology That Lets Police Search By Skin Color. “While facial recognition technology, which measures individual faces at over 16,000 points for fine-grained comparisons with other facial images, has attracted significant legal scrutiny and media attention, this object identification software has largely evaded attention. How exactly this technology came to be developed and which particular features the software was built to catalog have never been revealed publicly by the NYPD. Now, thanks to confidential corporate documents and interviews with many of the technologists involved in developing the software, The Intercept and the Investigative Fund have learned that IBM began developing this object identification technology using secret access to NYPD camera footage.”


Techdirt: Google Moderation Team Decides My Piece About The Impossible Nature Of Content Moderation Is ‘Dangerous Or Derogatory’. “Well, well. A few weeks back I had a big post all about the impossibility of moderating large content platforms at scale. It got a fair bit of attention, and has kicked off multiple discussions that are continuing to this day. However, earlier this week, it appears that Google’s ad content moderation team decided to help prove my point about the impossibility of moderating content at scale when… it decided that post was somehow ‘dangerous or derogatory.'” Hmmm. I think ResearchBuzz needs a “womp womp” tag.

ZDNet: Why don’t more people over 60 have YouTube channels?. “Despite media coverage suggesting “mature” vloggers (anyone over 40) are up and coming in the beauty sector, there are not many successful YouTube channels that showcase skills, talents, and passions hosted by those over 60 years old.” Oh, I dunno, maybe because YouTube commenters often treat YouTubers like dirt? As for the over 60s, I can think of Granny Pottymouth and RC Model Reviews, though I’m not 100% sure he’s over 60. Good morning, Internet…

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