Illustrated Manuscripts, Harassment in Academia, Instagram, More: Tuesday Buzz, September 11, 2018


Thanks to John O. for bringing this to my attention. From the Clements Library Chronicles: Announcing the Illustrated Manuscripts Project. “For over 15 years, as Clements Library staff have processed manuscript collections, read letters, and hunted for information, we’ve also been documenting the hand-made drawings that appear throughout the Manuscripts Division. To date we’ve identified over 2,500 images from nearly 500 separate collections. Scribbled in margins, sketched on envelopes, pasted into volumes, these illustrations are largely hidden within larger bodies of papers and therefore commonly uncataloged, their research value untapped. In January of 2018 we launched the Illustrated Manuscripts Project in the hopes of changing that.”

WCAI: Scientist Publishes A List Of Known Harassers in Academia. “Rates of sexual abuse and harassment in academic science are second only to the military. It’s estimated that at least half of women faculty and staff face harassment and abuse and that 20 to 50 percent of women students in science, engineering, and medicine are abused by faculty. Those numbers are generally based on surveys, which are an important way of getting a handle on the problem and how it changes women’s career trajectories. But when it comes to holding institutions accountable and making meaningful changes, naming perpetrators may be even more powerful.”


Engadget: Instagram’s emoji shortcuts help you comment in record time. “If you can’t post comments without tossing in at least one emoji to make your feelings clear, you’ll be glad to know that Instagram has your back. After months of testing, Instagram has introduced an emoji shortcut bar on Android and iOS that offers quick access to your most-used icons when wading into a post’s comments.”

TorrentFreak: BitTorrent Launches uTorrent Web’s First Full Release. “BitTorrent Inc. has been in the news a lot this summer after it was acquired by the Tron cryptocurrency. However, regular development continues, with the company just announcing the first full release of uTorrent Web. The new in-browser client aims to simplify the torrenting experience and fully supports streaming.”

NIST: Database of Software “Fingerprints” Expands to Include Computer Games. “One of the largest software libraries in the world just grew larger. The National Software Reference Library (NSRL), which archives copies of the world’s most widely installed software titles, has expanded to include computer game software from three popular PC gaming distribution platforms—Steam, Origin and Blizzard.”


BuzzFeed News: How WhatsApp Destroyed A Village. “WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging service, is used by more than 200 million people in India, its largest market. It’s become an inextricable part of the country’s culture and social fabric, widely used by younger and older generations alike. It’s one of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s crown jewels, an app he acquired for $19 billion in 2014 that began as a messaging platform but is now evolving into something more, with a new payments feature already being tested in India. Lately, however, WhatsApp has been getting Indians killed.” This in-depth article contains disturbing graphics/video.

BBC: Facebook animal trade exposed in Thailand. “More than 1,500 listings of live animals for sale have been found on Facebook in Thailand by a wildlife trafficking watchdog. Traffic, which monitors such activity, said many of the species, despite having international protection, were not native to the country, and so trading them was unregulated.”

Care2: Protecting Migratory Land Animals is More Complicated Than We Thought. “Some species inherently know when and where to migrate, but a new study has offered a more complicated perspective for land animals by providing the first solid evidence that they need to learn about seasonal migrations from each other…. This study is part of a growing body of migration discoveries coming out of Wyoming, a lot of which will be put together in ‘Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates,’ due out this October, which details all of the state’s ungulate migrations, in addition to an online database that makes migration data widely available to interested stakeholders.”


CNET: China has an actual court dedicated to the internet. “Those disputes typically involve online shopping, service contracts, lending, copyrights and domains. Xinhua cited An Fengde, vice president of the Beijing Higher People’s Court, as saying the number of internet-related cases are rising rapidly in China. In the first eight months of this year, Beijing’s courts were reportedly stuffed with 37,631 online-related disputes, up 24.4 percent compared with the same period last year.”

TechCrunch: What you need to know ahead of the EU copyright vote . “European Union lawmakers are facing a major vote on digital copyright reform proposals on Wednesday — a process that has set the Internet’s hair fully on fire. Here’s a run down of the issues and what’s at stake…”

Ottawa Sun: Ottawa lawyers file proposed $80-million class-action lawsuit against Google. “Two Ottawa lawyers have filed a proposed $80-million class-action lawsuit, alleging that Google’s search engine allows Internet users to discover names that are supposed to be shielded by court-ordered publication bans.”


NoCamels: Scientists Harness AI, Deep Learning To Fast-Track Drug Discovery And Development. “The cost of developing a new pharmaceutical drug, from the research and development stage to market approval, runs at about $2.6 billion, according to a 2014 report published by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) cited by the Scientific American. It also takes between 10 to 15 years. Israeli scientists say they have developed a revolutionary smart method to discover and develop new drugs, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, that will dramatically shorten preparation time and reduce costs.” Good morning, Internet…

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