Quick Note About Hurricane Florence

Hey y’all. As you may know I’m in North Carolina. I’m not near the coast, but Hurricane Florence is so flippin’ wide that we’re already getting rain and she hasn’t even made landfall yet. Where I am we’re expecting plenty of rain and wind. Not too bad but those are the ingredients for an extended power outage.

I just got home from work and finishing up all the little prep things you have to do. After that, I’m going to try to get ResearchBuzz squared away, at least tomorrow’s and possibly Saturday’s done.

If you don’t hear from me for a few days after that it probably means I’m waiting on the power to come back.

Don’t worry about me but spare some kind thoughts for the people in eastern/coastal plain North Carolina and pretty much all of South Carolina. To all my friends over there: good luck, stay dry, and may all your trees remain upright.

I love you a lot. Have I told you lately?

See you soon,


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  1. Thank you, Tara. As one who has been through this (Harvey — 34″ of rain at our house), my heart is with you and those around you. Please share updates as you can. Many people care about your well-being.

  2. Hey Tara,

    Double the “stay safe and dry” and sending positive thoughts to the folks in NC and SC. Just spoke with our Blackbaud rep in SC and so far so good in Charleston.

    Thank you for all your research and happy to support you on Patreon.

    • Hey, thank you very much! So far so good. I’m working on ResearchBuzz and after extended negotiations the cat is sleeping beside me on the desk instead of on the keyboard. Wind and rain are picking up but my phone is charged up and we’ve got fresh batteries in the flashlights. 🙂

  3. Best wishes to you and yours in weathering Florence and congrats on your negotiations with your cat. And thanks, as always, for the kindness and concern you extend to others, and the diligence, care and professionalism always present in your curation of ResearchBuzz.

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