Women in Advertising, Google, Social Media, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, September 26, 2018


Adweek: New Database for Uncovering Female Talent in the Ad Industry Targets Junior, Mid-Level Creatives. “A new global database aimed at unveiling female talent in the ad industry hopes to finally raise the amount of women holding creative director positions—which today remains at just around 11 percent. The site, called inVisible Creatives, is claiming to do something its predecessors, including Where Are the Boss Ladies?, didn’t: spotlight junior, mid-level and senior talent, with a particular emphasis on their work.”


Reuters: Google to acknowledge privacy mistakes as U.S. seeks input. “Leading internet search engine Google will acknowledge that it has made “mistakes” on privacy issues in testimony an executive of the Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) unit will deliver to a U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday, according to a document reviewed by Reuters.”

BloombergQuint: Google, Facebook and Twitter Agree to Fight Fake News in the EU. “Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and other tech and advertising companies have committed to implementing new measures and investing in new technologies to fight the spread of hoax news online in Europe, according to a draft of the agreement.”

CNET: Google promises Chrome changes after privacy complaints. “Two complaints in recent days involve how Google stores data about browsing activity in files called cookies and how it syncs personal data across different devices. Google representatives said Monday and Tuesday there’s nothing to be worried about but that they’ll be changing Chrome nevertheless.”


Wolfram Blog: Prepare for AP Calculus and More with Wolfram U. “Today I am proud to announce a free interactive course, Introduction to Calculus, hosted on Wolfram’s learning hub, Wolfram U! The course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to fundamental concepts in calculus such as limits, derivatives and integrals. It includes 38 video lessons along with interactive notebooks that offer examples in the Wolfram Cloud—all for free. This is the second of Wolfram U’s fully interactive free online courses, powered by our cloud and notebook technology.”

MakeUseOf: The 7 Best Video Editors for Creating Social Media Posts. “The features you will need from your video editor are considerably different from those you might want if you’re making a YouTube video. So, which are the video editors that specialize in making fun videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest?”


HeraldReview: Through Apps And Workshops Museums Help Better The Lives Of Americans Living With Dementia. “On Sept. 24, the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) will launch the U.S. version of the award-winning ‘House of Memories’ dementia awareness program, originally developed in the U.K. by National Museums Liverpool to provide person-centered care for people to live well with dementia. The program offers training workshops, resources and activities, including the ‘My House of Memories’ app, the first of its kind in the world. The app features more than 100 interactive pages of MNHS collection items, which can help those living with dementia draw on memories to create personal connections with family, friends and caregivers.”

Outside: Social Media Is Making the Outdoors More Dangerous. “We all know that one-upmanship on social media is stupid and dangerous. But now we may have stats to prove it. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue team reports that its missions have increased by 38 percent over the last five years—something they attribute to people sharing photos and videos of their dangerous activities online.”


EFF: Facebook Warns Memphis Police: No More Fake “Bob Smith” Accounts. “Facebook has a problem: an infestation of undercover cops. Despite the social platform’s explicit rules that the use of fake profiles by anyone—police included—is a violation of terms of service, the issue proliferates. While the scope is difficult to measure, EFF has identified scores of agencies who maintain policies that explicitly flout these rules. Hopefully—and perhaps this is overly optimistic—this is about to change, with a new warning Facebook has sent to the Memphis Police Department. The company has also updated its law enforcement guidelines to highlight the prohibition on fake accounts.”


Nature: Huge peer-review study reveals lack of women and non-Westerners. “Women are inadequately represented as peer reviewers, journal editors and last authors of studies, according to an analysis of manuscript submissions to an influential biomedical journal. The study looked at all submissions made to the open-access title eLife from its launch in 2012 to 2017 — nearly 24,000 in total. It found that women worldwide, and researchers outside North America and Europe, were less likely to be peer reviewers, editors and last authors. The paper — which hasn’t itself yet been peer-reviewed — was posted on the preprint server bioRxiv1 on 29 August.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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