Royal Theatre Nottingham, Facebook, Hispanic Literature, More: Friday Buzz, October 26, 2018


West Bridgford Wire: Incredible historical pictures released on Theatre Royal Nottingham digital archive. “Over the past two years, the Theatre Royal’s Creative Learning Team has worked in partnership with the University of Nottingham on a major archive and heritage project entitled Our Theatre Royal Nottingham: Its Stories, People & Heritage, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Today, the team launch an innovative new digital archive documenting 153 years of theatrical history at the venue.”


Forbes: Facebook Announces New Music Features For Stories, Profiles And More. “Incorporating music tools into their platform has been a front-running initiative for Zuckerberg’s company since late last year. According to Bloomberg, the company is offering hundreds of millions of dollars to record labels and music publishers to allow its users to use songs in their videos. The negotiations have seemingly paid off.”

Library of Congress: New Online: Recordings from the Archive of Hispanic Literature. “To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month this year, the Library released new digital material on the Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape. For the past three years, we have provided online access to a growing number of recordings through the archive’s portal. The launch of 50 new recordings adds to the existing digital archive of prose writers and poets from all over the Americas and Spain and Portugal reading from their works.”

CNET: Twitter experiments with new features to encourage positive conversations. “From bullying to harassment, Twitter isn’t always the most friendly place to hang out online. Now the social media company is experimenting with ways to make it easier to start more positive conversations.”


Bitdefender: Bitdefender & Law Enforcement Solve for Multiple Versions of GandCrab with New Decryptor. “The wait is over. For victims of GandCrab versions 1, 4 or 5, there is a new decryption tool available from Bitdefender Labs to help you get your life and your data back – for free. Download link and updated information below.”

Social Media Examiner: How to Use Instagram Nametags for Marketing. “Want a quick and easy way for people to find you on Instagram? Have you heard about Instagram Nametags? In this article, you’ll discover how to find and customize your Instagram nametag so people can quickly follow your Instagram account.”

Gizmodo: How to Back Up All of the Photos From All of Your Apps. “Your photos and videos are likely to be some of the most precious files you have on your smartphone. Even if you’ve got new photos and videos taken with the camera synced to the cloud though, what about the pictures your family send you over WhatsApp? Or the Instagram Stories you post? Here’s how to make sure every photo and video on your devices is getting backed up.”


Arizona State University: ASU Library archivists make marginalized history accessible to all. “Thanks to the efforts of head project archivist [Alana] Varner and her team, a large portion of the Bj Bud Memorial Archives, the largest LGBT collection in Arizona, will soon be accessible online, to anyone, anywhere. Over the next two years, the grant will also allow for three of the library’s other unique and most consistently utilized archives to be accessed online. They are: the Maricopa County Organizing Project (MCOP) Records, detailing local farmworker and civil rights history from 1960-1990; the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Collection, which tells the story of the oldest active Latino civil rights organization in the U.S.; and the Alianza Hispano Americana Records, which tells the story of the oldest Latino mutual aid society.”


Ars Technica: Another Windows 0-day flaw has been published on Twitter. “SandboxEscaper, a researcher who back in August tweeted out a Windows privilege escalation bug, has published another unpatched Windows flaw on Twitter.”

BBC: Cathay Pacific data hack hits 9.4 million passengers. “Cathay Pacific says the personal data of up to 9.4 million passengers have been accessed in the latest security breach to hit the aviation industry. Passport numbers, email addresses and expired credit card details were among the data leaked.” I can’t tell from the story whether this is a data breach — data was accessed deliberately by a hacker — or a data leak, where an unsecured database was left online. I think it’s a breach.

David Strom: Looking for a portable VPN? Don’t pick these products.. “I have been testing some interesting devices to help you set up VPNs when you travel. By now most of you know not to connect to open WiFi access points, because your Internet traffic can be monitored, recorded, invaded, and used against you. The way to avoid these issues is to use a VPN. Until recently, you had a few different choices to install some software or bring your own VPN device. Both are more suitable for corporate networks, and aren’t all that easy to install and configure. These three devices attempt to make things easier for consumers. Sadly, they all aren’t quite up to the task.”


A thesis from San Jose State University: Personality, Motivation, and the War Between Facebook and Twitter. “Social networking sites (SNSs) have recently become integrated in modern lives as entertainment, communication, and even careers have become more reliant on them. The current study explored the relationship between Facebook and Twitter attachment and demographic, motivation, and personality traits. Differing psychological relationships may explain why people become more attached to specific SNSs as well as explain their continuance of use. Using online self-report measures, this study measured motivations to use Facebook and Twitter, the Big Five personality traits, and Facebook/Twitter attachment of 109 participants who have been users of both Facebook and Twitter.” Good morning, Internet…

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