Prince, Google Maps, Machine Learning, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, November 8, 2018


NPR: Watch 3 Rare Prince Videos For ‘Endorphinmachine,’ ‘Rock And Roll Is Alive,’ ‘Dolphin’. “The Prince Estate has announced that it will be digitally uploading videos from the artist’s visual archive on a weekly basis, honing in on his 1995-2010 catalog. To kick off the series, they’ve posted seven videos from his albums The Gold Experience and Chaos And Disorder, which were released in 1995 and 1996, respectively.”

Engadget: Google Maps gets collision and speed trap reports in latest test. “When Google bought Waze back in 2013 it was widely assumed it would only be a matter of time before some of the traffic app’s more popular features made their way onto Maps. It’s taken a while, but now it looks like Google is getting ready to add incident reports — a move suggested by an APK teardown a few months back and, more recently, the appearance of the feature for some Maps users.”


MakeUseOf: What Are Machine Learning Algorithms? Here’s How They Work. “Artificial intelligence and machine learning produce many of the advancements we see in the technology industry today. But how are machines given the ability to learn? Furthermore, how does the way we do this result in unintended consequences? Here’s our quick explainer on how machine learning algorithms work, along with some examples of machine learning gone awry.” Decent overview.


Tubefilter: Pet Influencers Can Command $15,000 Per Instagram Post, Says Top Animal Talent Manager. “While the top human influencers on Instagram can reportedly command as much as $1 million per sponsored post, our four-legged friends can also make a substantial living as pet influencers, says Loni Edwards, the founder of top animal talent management firm The Dog Agency.”

ABC News (Australia): Grave enthusiasts unearth the forgotten history of Indonesia for Instagram community. “Ms [Ruri] Hargiyono is part of a new Instagram-based community in Jakarta, called Indonesia Graveyard, dedicated to exploring the nation’s past through its dead. She explores historical landmarks in and around the capital with her friend Deni Priya Prasetia, whom she met at a history club in Jakarta. Sharing each other’s passion for history and photography, they started documenting the untold stories of the city’s burial places and founded the Indonesian Graveyard group in 2016.”

GQ: The Time Capsule That’s as Big as Human History. “If you were to build your own time capsule, what would you want people—or alien beings—a million years from now to know about us? That we were loving, or warmongering, or dopes strung out on memes and viral videos? That we flew to the moon and made great art, ate Cinnabons (that we measured at 880 astonishing calories), and committed atrocities? How could you begin to represent these times, as lived by nearly 8 billion people? And what would give you, of all people, the right to tell the story? After these questions would come another wave of more logistical ones. Assuming the capsule was found, how would it be translated into the language of the future, whatever that language might be? And what materials could be employed that might last that long? And how could you lead a future race of beings to the capsule itself, assuming our planet might be buried under ice or oceans of red sand by then?”

BuzzFeed News: LinkedIn Is Now Home To Hyperpartisan Political Content, False Memes, And Troll Battles. “They have American flags and ‘MAGA’ in their profiles, share political memes and hyperpartisan news to their followers, and complain that their posts are being censored because they love Donald Trump. But instead of being active on Twitter and Facebook, these Trump supporters have brought the meme wars to the platform best known for Broetry, influencers, and professional networking: LinkedIn.” I thought Broetry might be some kind of weird typo, but it’s a thing, and BuzzFeed has a whole article about it.


Coindesk: Musk Impostors Hack Lawmaker, Publisher Accounts in New Crypto Scams. “A number of verified Twitter accounts were compromised Monday – including those owned by a U.S. lawmaker, a film company, and a book publisher – all to impersonate SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk. Each of the compromised accounts engaged in a well-known crypto giveaway scam by promising to send large amounts of bitcoin to any users who sent them small amounts first.”

New York Law Journal: Creative Uses of Social Media in Litigation. “Social media evidence is not only about using it in a personal injury action to impeach the injured party’s testimony as to what caused the accident or his or injuries; it can be used by defendants against the ‘poster’ in many other types of litigations. As the recent decisions discussed below make clear, counsel simply needs to be creative and ‘think outside of the box’ as to how to effectively utilize social media. Social media is also frequently the basis for defamation claims, and where public posts go too far, as in Carey v. Ripp, 2018 NYLJ LEXIS 2405 (Sup. Ct. Nassau Co. July 16, 2018), a court may order the destruction, deletion and/or removal of defamatory information in defendant’s possession, custody and control, including posts on defendant’s Facebook page.”


Hack A Day: Shakespeare In A Zip In A RAR, Hidden In An Image On Twitter. “Steganography involves hiding data in something else — for example, encoding data in a picture. [David Buchanan] used polyglot files not to hide data, but to send a large amount of data in a single Twitter post. We don’t think it quite qualifies as steganography because the image has a giant red UNZIP ME printed across it. But without it, you might not think to run a JPG image through your unzip program. If you did, though, you’d wind up with a bunch of RAR files that you could unrar and get the complete works of the Immortal Bard in a single Tweet.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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