William S. Ladd Prints, Honeybee Folk Music, Facebook, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, December 24, 2018


New York Academy of Medicine: Digitizing the William S. Ladd Collection of Prints. “We are excited to launch a new digital collection: the William S. Ladd Collection of Prints! In 1975, The New York Academy of Medicine accepted the gift of the William S. Ladd collection, which consisted of 671 prints dating from the 17th – 19th centuries, from Cornell University Medical College via Erich Meyerhoff, then Librarian of the Medical College Library. Since receiving the Ladd Collection, the Library rehoused and conserved the material.”

The Guardian: Can folk music save the honeybee?. “Folk music has long gone hand in hand with political protest. From Pete Seeger’s 1959 rendition of the African American gospel We Shall Overcome, which became an anthem for the civil rights movement, to Dick Gaughan’s Ballad of ‘84, a clarion call for the Scottish miners’ strike, the combination of one singer and their guitar has had a potent effect on galvanising activists. Now, folk is turning its attention to the bees.”


Washington Post: Facebook suspends five accounts, including that of a social media researcher, for misleading tactics in Alabama election. “Facebook has suspended the account of Jonathon Morgan, the chief executive of a top social media research firm, after reports that he and others engaged in an operation to spread disinformation during the special election in Alabama last year.”

TechRadar: The Google Santa Tracker is back and bigger than ever for 2018. “It’s back, and he’s just taken off: Google’s Santa Tracker is now live, and you can follow the progress of jolly ol’ St Nick as he snakes his way across the globe delivering gifts.”


CNET: CDC 1918 Pandemic Trail game is Oregon Trail with the flu. “You’re a letter carrier in Philadelphia. The year is 1918. Your mission is to stay alive for one day during the most devastating influenza pandemic in history. Choose wisely. Your life depends on it.”

Poynter: Facebook’s anti-misinformation boss talks about the future of the company’s fact-checking program . “After partnering with Facebook, fact-checkers in Brazil and the Philippines were harassed, doxxed and threatened online. Notorious misinformers still found a big audience on the platform. And the company’s fact-checking partners are still unsure if the project is actually reducing the spread of hoaxes, despite some preliminary evidence that it is.”

BuzzFeed News: Literally Just A Big List Of Facebook’s 2018 Scandals. “If you thought 2018 was tough for you, imagine being a staffer in Facebook’s public relations department. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began the year by pledging to fix the company’s problems, but instead 2018 turned into 12 months of mea culpas, self-inflicted scandals, and screwups. ‘This has been a challenging time,’ a Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News for a story detailing internal infighting and finger-pointing. ‘But we are more determined than ever to continue making progress on the issues we’ve faced.’ Fair enough! In the meantime, here’s a look back at the year that was.”

New Indian Express: Block self-harm material: UK minister to Google, Facebook. “Internet giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter must take steps to block the spread of material that tells people how to end their lives, Britain’s minister for suicide prevention has demanded.”


TechCrunch: At Blind, a security lapse revealed private complaints from Silicon Valley employees. “Thousands of people trusted Blind, an app-based ‘anonymous social network,’ as a safe way to reveal malfeasance, wrongdoing and improper conduct at their companies. But Blind left one of its database servers exposed without a password, making it possible (for anyone who knew where to look) to access each user’s account information and identify would-be whistleblowers.”

ZDNet: Researcher publishes proof-of-concept code for creating Facebook worm. “This code exploits a vulnerability in the Facebook platform that the researcher –who goes online under the pseudonym of Lasq– has seen being abused in the wild by a Facebook spammer group.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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