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A Quick Roundup of Job-Hunting Resources

It occurred to me yesterday — I can’t imagine why, it can’t be related to current events or anything — to check on how many resources I had put in ResearchBuzz over the last year covering job hunting and related resources. When I checked it wasn’t a huge number, but it was enough that I thought it would make a good roundup. Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or you’re thinking about it, here are eight resources for making a resume and getting out there to find something.


How-To Geek, The Best Sites for Building a Resume https://www.howtogeek.com/397756/the-best-sites-for-building-a-resume/

Four sites, with both free and paid options. The sites are well annotated and useful for a people in a variety of different situations, from first-time resume makers who may need a bit of extra help, to people who want to customize their resume/CV for each job. The one comment on the article notes that you might also be able to find resume-building help at your local library.

MakeUseOf, 6 Google Docs Resume Templates for All Styles and Preferences

If you’ve got a Google account but can’t stand the thought of joining yet another Web site to create your resume, check out this article. The author profiles some resume templates found outside the usual Google Docs offerings, as well as a couple of add-ons. All the resources I looked at are free.

Hongkiat, 15 Free Tools to Create Professional Resumes


Fifteen well-annotated tools are listed here. There are a number of resume generators/builders, but there are additional tools for doing things like getting resumes in different formats (PDFs and DOCX, for example) and promoting your resume on social media. The tools here are a mix of free and freemium, but the features of the free versions are worth looking at. (I hate those tools that advertising themselves as being free, but are really bupkus unless you pony up.)

Job Skills / Job Seeking Skills

Engadget, Facebook’s new career site aims to help job-seekers hone their skills


An overview of Facebook’s new offerings of courses to help learn new stills (I took a look at these and they were fine, though not particularly in-depth) as well as pointers to job listings (Facebook has made it easier for businesses to post jobs) and Facebook’s mentor tool. Facebook is not the place where I would start if I wanted to enhance my job search, but if I was already on Facebook I’d make the most of it.

TechCrunch, Udacity and Google launch free career courses for interview prep, resume writing and more


When you first read this story, you get the idea that the courses are oriented toward making a better resume, networking, etc. And that’s fine because those things are important. But then you go to the free course page and you see courses like “Data Science Interview Prep” and “Data Structures & Algorithms in Python.” There are general job-seeking courses here but the page as a whole is more tech-oriented. The courses I looked at were immediately available for me to start taking for free; I had to register on the site but I didn’t have to prove my employment status or anything like that.

Gizmodo, How to Find a Job Using Social Media

An overview of how to search on various social networks — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — and the resources they have for job hunters. The article also briefly mentions tools for cleaning up your social media feeds so you can make the best possible impression. Surprisingly this is one of those rare Gizmodo posts that doesn’t have a useful (or at least interesting) comments section.

Specialty Job Search

Google Blog, Helping veterans make their next move in civilian life


Google has made it easier for military veterans to find jobs. From this blog post: “Starting today, service members can search ‘jobs for veterans’ on Google and then enter their specific military job codes (MOS, AFSC, NEC, etc.) to see relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in their military roles. We’re also making this capability available to any employer or job board to use on their own property through our Cloud Talent Solution.” Please note: as far as I can tell this does not work on Startpage. You’ll have to use Google directly.

Department of Labor Launches Job Search Engine for Apprenticeships

This new job search is not for government jobs alone. Enter a zip code or a city and state and you’ll get a list of “apprenticeships” in the area. I put that in quotes because I don’t know if I’d call a Food Service Worker job an apprenticeship, but it IS a job. I’m not sure if the shutdown is impacting how often this search is getting updated, but I did see plenty of job listings that were added within the last five days.

I hope you have a wonderful job and you make a zillion dollars and year and you’re getting paid on time and accurately. If you’re not, though, these resources might help.

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