Google Glass, Google Support Forums, Google Maps, More: Unexpectedly Googly Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 6, 2019


The Verge: Google Glass’ second-gen enterprise model leaks with updated specs and USB-C. “Google Glass may not have exactly set the world on fire with its vision of an augmented reality, wearable future, but it got a second life back in 2017 with the Google Glass Enterprise Edition. And now, leaks for the second-generation model of that enterprise version are starting to appear, with Google set to add boosted specs and a USB-C port, via 9to5Google.”

Search Engine Roundtable: Google Moving & Closing Support Forums. “We saw it happen with a number of support forums already, including the Google News forums. But now it looks like all Google support forums are moving to the new platform. The interesting part is they are not migrating content from the old to the new platform, instead, they are making the old platform read only and opening up the new platform for new topics.”

CTV News: Google Maps warning drivers of some photo radar cameras. “While directing drivers on when and where to turn to get to a destination, Google Maps is also giving a little direction on safety. A feature currently being rolled out sees a verbal warning shared to drivers approaching a fixed speed camera, saying ‘speed camera ahead’ in an automated voice.”


Lifehacker: Use AI to Add Depth of Field to Any Photo Using This App. “Dpth is a smartphone app for iOS and Android that takes your run-of-the-mill 2D pictures and uses AI to transform them into an image where you can play around with the depth of field.”

The Next Web: Here’s how to make GIFs from a YouTube video. “GIFs are one of the most fun aspects of using the internet. And sometimes you would want to create a GIF out of a YouTube video that you’re watching, but most people don’t know how. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”


TechCrunch: UK Far Right activist circumvents Facebook ban to livestream threats . “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a Far Right UK activist who was permanently banned from Facebook last week for repeatedly breaching its community standards on hate speech, was nonetheless able to use its platform to livestream harassment of an anti-fascist blogger whom he doorstepped at home last night.”

Bloomberg: Putin Wants His Own Internet. “When anti-government protests erupted on Russia’s side of the Caucasus Mountains in October, authorities did something they’d never done before: cut mobile internet service to an entire geographical area.”

New York Times: Big Tech, Once a CPAC Sponsor, Is Now Its Boogeyman. “A year ago, attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual jamboree of the political right, were greeted by Big Tech with open arms and open bars…. That was then. At last week’s gathering here in a suburb of Washington, Silicon Valley’s only obvious presence was on the lips of exercised right-wing critics who whipped up the crowd by denouncing the American tech industry as an authoritarian hegemony intent on censoring their cause.”


Slashgear: W3C just made WebAuthn your official password-free web standard. “In the near future, you may find yourself able to toss away your internet login passwords altogether. With the authorization of the WebAuthn standard by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and FIDO this week, the internet just became a little more secure. WebAuthn is a technology with which people can log in to webpages through web browsers using biometrics, mobile devices, and FIDO security keys.”


Quartz: AI will reproduce and enshrine age-old biases—if we let it. “We shouldn’t be worried only about whether robots will take our jobs, but about who is programming them—and with what values. Genevieve Bell is a cultural anthropologist who’s spent the last two decades pondering the intersection of technology and culture, specifically focusing on the ethics of AI in her work at Intel.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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