Street Art, Telegram, Microsoft Edge, More: Monday Evening ResearchBuzz, March 25, 2019


Pioneer: Pioneer Interview: Lenny Bogdonoff. “Lenny Bogdonoff, a New York-based software engineer and graffiti artist, is creating the world’s first digital genealogy of street art. He played and won a Pioneer tournament while developing a set of machine learning tools for his project, Public Art. By gathering photos from around the internet and using machine learning models to identify street art, Public Art aims to digitally preserve murals around the world. ”


Telegram: Telegram now lets people delete every message sent or received . “Telegram just added a feature that makes it easier for users to delete any message they’ve ever sent — or any message they’ve ever received. The service announced this weekend that users can now delete messages from both individual conversations and group chats; however, unlike other services, deleting a message will delete it from the record for every user in the chat, not just the person who deletes it.”

Neowin: Chromium-based Edge leaks in its entirety, and you can install it now. “Over the last few weeks, there have been lots of leaks around Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser. First, we reported on screenshots that were leaked, then there were support documents, an extensions page, and even an installer that didn’t work. But now, the full browser has leaked for anyone to try out.” This is a third-party leak and therefore is not necessarily secure. I would recommend against installing this unless a) you have a sandbox machine to play with or b) you are made entirely out of rabbits’ feet.


MakeUseOf: 10 Quick Firefox Tweaks to Maximize Your Online Privacy . “From Facebook scandals to schools spying on their students through webcams, it seems as if threats to your privacy are everywhere online. But there are some simple steps you can take to stop companies from harvesting your data when you use the Firefox browser.”


Monday Note: Credder Wants to Create an Equivalent to “Rotten Tomatoes” for News. “Credder, a startup based North of San Francisco, sits at the opposite of our project. While we try to rely exclusively on algorithms to evaluate stories, Credder is all about human scoring.”


Radio Free Europe: Russian Activist Charged Over Facebook Post Amid ‘Crackdown’ On Social Media. “Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the Russian authorities to drop the case against an opposition activist who is facing administrative charges for posting an infographic from a news outlet backed by former oil tycoon and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky.”

TechCrunch: A family tracking app was leaking real-time location data . “A popular family tracking app was leaking the real-time locations of more than 238,000 users for weeks after the developer left a server exposed without a password.”


The Next Web: YouTube’s ‘child safe’ app is crawling with videos advocating suicide, murder, and sexual exploitation. “YouTube Kids is supposed to be the kid-friendly choice for discerning parents. It’s devoid of the conspiracy theories and misinformation that runs rampant on the main site and features cute and cuddly kids programing tailored to the youngest of children. It’s supposed to be inoffensive, a solution for parents needing 10 minutes to shower, or some distraction that allows them to prepare dinner. Parents though, are increasingly learning that this isn’t always the case.”

Engadget: NVIDIA AI turns crude doodles into photorealistic landscapes. “Imagine if you had the power to turn your old-school Microsoft Paint doodles into actual art. Well, NVIDIA’s latest AI-driven software can do just that. The GauGAN image creator, named after the French post-Impressionist painter, uses generative adversarial networks to transform even the crudest of sketches into a photorealistic landscape.” Doesn’t appear to be available online yet.

CNET: Amazon to fund $10M to improve fairness in AI research. “Amazon is giving money to broaden AI acceptance. The e-commerce giant on Monday said it’s working with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to commit up to $10 million each in research grants over the next three years to help improve fairness in artificial intelligence.” Good evening, Internet…

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