1919 Aviation, BitTorrent Live, Facebook, More: Wednesday Evening ResearchBuzz, March 27, 2019


Australian Aviation: 1919 Great Air Race Winners’ Archive Digitised. “…a hundred years after the Great Air Race, aviation enthusiasts and scholars around the world will be able to more easily get an insight into the thoughts of Sir Ross and Sir Keith from a century ago after the State Library of South Australia added the pair’s personal records to its digital collection.”


BetaNews: BitTorrent Inc announces BitTorrent Live, a social streaming platform that’s not based on BitTorrent. “BitTorrent Inc has announced plans to launch a new social media platform for live streaming. It will be called BitTorrent Live and — at least initially — it will be centralized rather than decentralized, meaning that it is not based on the BitTorrent protocol or other P2P technology.”

Ars Technica: Facebook’s new rules come down against white nationalism, separatism. “Facebook’s terms-of-service agreement will be updated next week with a new anti-hate rule: any content that falls in the space of ‘white nationalism’ or ‘white separatism’ will be banned.”

CNET: Census Bureau turns to Facebook, Google, Twitter to fight fake news, says report. “To try to fend off disinformation that could taint the 2020 US census, the Census Bureau reportedly is enlisting help from companies that have lots of experience with fake news: Facebook, Google and Twitter.”


Make Tech Easier: How You Can Still Get Windows 10 for Free. “Remember that carrot Microsoft dangled years ago to get people to switch over from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, when it was offering free upgrades for a limited time? While that exact offer is now gone, there are still a few fun workarounds to get Windows 10 for free if you’re currently running on an older version. Here we’ll show how to get Windows 10 for free.”

MakeUseOf: The 5 Best Social Alarm Apps to Help You Get Out of Bed . “Sure, there are some truly evil alarm clock apps that will assuredly wake you up in the morning. But you might want to also throw your smartphone out the nearest window after using one. Social alarm clock apps are different.” These are all weird and interesting.


The Intercept: Pentagon Says All Of Google’s Work On Drones Is Exempt From The Freedom Of Information Act. “All 5,000 pages of documents about Google’s work on the drone effort, known as Project Maven, are barred from public disclosure, because they constitute ‘critical infrastructure security information.'”

Mashable: The small corner of Instagram dedicated to temporary wallpaper is uncommonly magical. “Nearly every piece of wallpaper I’ve seen since then has been a real eyesore, so for most of my adult life I’ve remained confident in my opinion. Until the day I was scrolling through Instagram and a bold floral print atop a subtle blush background caught my eye. In an instant, everything changed.”

Neowin: Microsoft isn’t making any April Fools’ Day jokes this year. “Microsoft seems to have acknowledged that April Fools’ Day pranks don’t always ring too well with customers, and Chris Capossela, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, has sent out an internal memo to all the teams at Microsoft asking them not to engage in public-facing pranks, as reported by The Verge.” 100% this. Things are so crazy right now that purposely fronting wrong information seems really counterproductive.


Techdirt: Vigilant And Its Customers Are Lying About ICE’s Access To Plate Records. “Everyone’s hooking up ICE with automatic license plate reader (ALPR) data. And everyone’s misleading the public about it, starting with ALPR manufacturer, Vigilant. The EFF has been investigating California law enforcement’s data sharing claims with relation to its Vigilant ALPRs and finding their public statements are directly contradicted by internal communications obtained with public records requests.” Good evening, Internet…

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