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Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana: Masonic Museum Collection Now Online. “While we regularly change our exhibits at the Masonic Library & Museum of Indiana, it reflects only a tiny portion of our vast collection. In the years that we have been located in our present home in Indiana Freemasons Hall (and with the dedicated assistance of our IUPUI Museum Studies interns), we have been carefully cataloguing all of our various artifacts.”


BuzzFeed News: Israel Election: Twitter Suspended Dozens Of Hebrew-Language Accounts Run By A Strange Chinese Religious Sect. “Twitter has suspended dozens of suspicious Hebrew-language accounts run by a controversial Chinese religious group ahead of Israel’s national elections, BuzzFeed News has learned. It’s at least the second such suspension in the run-up to the elections, but the company is saying little about what actions it took or why. Nor is it clear what the religious group’s goals were before Twitter’s enforcement actions.”

Digital Trends: Best new podcasts. “Every week, we highlight new and returning podcasts we couldn’t put down. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest or you’re just dipping your two into the vast ocean of podcasts, we’ll find you something worth listening to. This week, we’ve got podcasts about a serial killer who stayed hidden for years, backyard cougars, Ashley Nicole Black, and voices from the civil rights movement.”


DJ Kippax: How to bulk rip lots of vinyl (and not go crazy). “This record ripping guide is useful even if you’re not a DJ. The methods I outline will work for anyone who has the problem of digitising a large collection of filthy vinyls whilst trying maintain good sound quality.” A super deep dive from Mr. Kippax.

Search Engine Journal: The 10 Best Image Search Engines. “These days, image search engines are more advanced than ever. No matter what kind of image you want to find, chances are, with the right keywords, search filters, and tools, you’ll find it. That’s not all, though. Need to find a source for an image? Do a reverse image search.”


Mid Day: Tracing the India that existed before Instagram!. “By uploading the archives of the Photo Division of India on an Instagram account, Sarkari Shots, writer Alexander Keefe is doing what the sarkar should be doing.”

The Verge: ‘Old Town Road’ proves TikTok can launch a hit song. “Montero ‘Lil Nas X’ Hill’s parents were concerned when their son dropped out of college eight months ago to pursue a career in rap; as the country trap star told Time Magazine, his parents succinctly pointed out there are millions of rappers already crowding the scene. Hill didn’t listen. He had to compete with up-and-coming rappers on streaming services like SoundCloud and Spotify, but Hill had a secret card up his sleeve — a meme and TikTok.”

Bloomberg: Macron Aims to Force ‘Tax Justice’ on Facebook, Google and Apple. “Parliament will discuss the tax, which targets companies with 750 million euros ($842 million) in worldwide revenue and 25 million euros of French digital sales, over the next several weeks. The levy, described by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire as ensuring ‘fiscal justice’, is expected to become effective starting Jan. 1.”


TorrentFreak: Reddit’s /r/Piracy is Deleting Almost 10 Years of History to Avoid Ban. “Under pressure from Reddit’s administrators over copyright issues, the site’s largest forum dedicated to piracy discussion has opted for ‘The Nuclear Option’. After voting by its contributors, all posts older than six months are now being deleted. That’s almost 10 years of data, the vast majority of it completely legal. The negative effects are already being felt.”

The Guardian: Social media firms to be penalised for not removing child abuse. “New laws proposed to tackle social media companies streaming child abuse, extremism, terrorist attacks and cyberbullying have been welcomed by senior police and children’s charities. Launched on Monday, the Online Harms white paper outlines what the government says are tough new laws for internet companies and the ability to enforce them.”

TechCrunch: TrickBot malware attacks are ramping up ahead of Tax Day. “TrickBot, a financially motivated trojan, infects Windows computers through a malicious Excel document sent by a specially crafted email. Once infected, the malware targets vulnerable devices on the network and combs for passwords and banking information to send back to the attacker. The collected information can be used to steal funds for fraud. The ever-expanding malware is continually developed to collect as many credentials as possible.”


Quartz: Historians are starting to explore the dark side of science. ” Increasingly, scientific historians are coming to terms with the fact that science thrived in part because of the transatlantic slave trade of the 1500s to 1800s, which enabled naturalists to discover and ship new flora and fauna specimens around the world. To this day, museums contain these specimens that excited and inspired early scientists but were obtained only thanks to an inhumane business.” Good morning, Internet…

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