The Shell Papers, Walt Whitman, Facebook, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 17, 2019


Boing Boing: The #ShellPapers: crowdsourcing analysis of all correspondence between Shell and the Dutch government. “The consortium has filed Freedom of Information Act requests for ‘a copy of all government documents sent by Shell, sent to Shell, or otherwise pertaining to Shell and any of its close to 1600 subsidiaries,’ and it’s created an online platform where the public can follow the path of those requests and collaboratively comb through and annotate the responses.”

Library of Congress: Celebrating 200 Years of Walt Whitman with Series of Exhibits, Events and Digital Crowdsourcing to Showcase Collections. “The Library’s crowdsourcing initiative ‘By the People’ will launch a campaign April 24 to enlist the public to help transcribe more than 121,000 pages of Whitman’s writings and papers to make them more searchable and accessible online. Documents selected for transcription will include samples of Whitman’s poetry, prose and correspondence, including versions of poems such as ‘Oh Captain! My Captain!’ and fragments of poems Whitman published in more finished form in ‘Leaves of Grass.'”


CNET: Facebook test merges news feed and Stories, so you swipe not scroll. “It took awhile for Facebook users to warm up to Stories, but the social network seems to be ready to take them to a new level, testing a combination of its news feed and Stories features.”


MakeUseOf: The 10 Best Free Video Hosting Sites. “The move to streaming video services was quick. It started as a niche area for hardened geeks, but now this is the way almost all people watch videos. Uploading videos to the internet are now easier than ever. Free video hosting is just as common (with a few limits in place). But what service shall you choose? Here are the best free online hosting services for your videos.”


Advocate: Chinese Social Media Giant Weibo Cracks Down on Lesbian Content. “With the apparent shutdown of a lesbian hashtag and a purge of Rainbow Flag icons, signs point to a new crackdown on LGBTQ content by leading Chinese social media site Sina Weibo.”


Computer Weekly: Facebook takes extraordinary legal steps to contain document leak. “Facebook is taking extraordinary legal measures in an attempt to contain further leaks of highly confidential internal documents provided to a US court that have come into the possession of international media organisations, including Computer Weekly.”

Krebs on Security: Experts: Breach at IT Outsourcing Giant Wipro. “Wipro says it has more than 170,000 employees helping clients across six continents with Fortune 500 customers in healthcare, banking, communications and other industries. In March 2018, Wipro said it passed the $8 billion mark in annual IT services revenue.” As of this writing this article has been updated once; Wipro has admitted to the breach but there aren’t many more details available.


Forbes: The Entrepreneur Who Is Using Video Games And Cryptocurrency To Protect Biodiversity. “A free app, QuestaGame has captured the imaginations of children and adults alike. Players take photos of flora and fauna with the app on their phones. They earn points for sightings and the rarity of their location and season and gain special powers as they climb to higher levels.”

The Conversation: How Google images helped us pin down the diet of Africa’s largest eagle. “As martial eagles are beautiful, people love to take photographs of them and post these online. We realised that hundreds of photographers, amateurs to professionals, have been collecting data. To help answer some conservation questions we tapped into this resource of photographs taken at multiple locations across the continent over many years.”

Wired: Optimize Algorithms to Support Kids Online, Not Exploit Them. “I cannot imagine how I would have learned what I have learned or met the many, many people who’ve enriched my life and work without the internet. So I know first-hand how, today, the internet, online games, and a variety of emerging technologies can significantly benefit children and their experiences. That said, I also know that, in general, the internet has become a more menacing place than when I was in school.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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