Vintage Georgia Schools, Instagram, Tumblr, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 25, 2019


Georgia Archives Virtual Vault: Historic Schools Photograph Collection. “The Historic Schools Photograph Collection contains approximately 1,800 images taken by the Georgia Department of Education in the 1950s. The images show Georgia primary and secondary public schools that were scheduled for demolition. The collection includes both white and African American schools from across the state.”


Popsugar: This New Instagram Sticker Lets You Quiz Your Friends, and BRB, Updating My Story. “Instagram is always bringing something new to the table to help us interact with our followers, and I can feel my inner Riddler rubbing his hands together in a mischievous fashion thanks to the app’s latest update: the Quiz sticker!”

TechCrunch: Tumblr – finally – enables HTTPS for all accounts. “Better late than never, Tumblr has rolled out HTTPS across its entire site.”

The Verge: Reddit is making it much easier to follow discussions around TV, news, and live events. “Reddit is launching two new post types to all subreddits today, Variety reports. Moderators will be able to create event and collection posts, which will help users follow along with discussions centered around live events, breaking news, and TV shows.”


CNET: How to find out if Facebook uploaded your contacts without permission. “If you opened a new account since 2016, it’s possible that Facebook imported your email address. You can check to see if your email address was uploaded, and can delete your contact list from Facebook’s cache.”

Hongkiat: How to Extract Text from Images Using Command Line . “It’s easy enough to read an image and pull the text yourself. But dynamically pulling text from a photo is a bit tougher, and thankfully, imgclip offers a fairly simple solution.”


Gizmodo: The Gentle Side of Twitch. “…there’s a quieter side of Twitch, with much less stimulation and shouting. There is joy and amusement to be found in the shrieks of loud, gregarious streamers, but an emerging sector of the platform—’Twitch for introverts,’ as Hall called it—is offering up a different, more relaxed experience. These quieter places on Twitch are more evocative of a slower form of entertainment, not unlike Norway’s slow TV, which broadcasts long train rides or a 12-hour knitting marathon, and the holiday tradition of watching a yule log burn.”


Techdirt: Emilio Estevez Uses Some Public Domain Footage In Film, So Universal Studios Forces Original Public Domain Footage Offline. “It appears that Emilio Estevez included a clip of ‘Your Life Work: The Librarian’ within the movie (in which he, himself, plays a librarian). He, of course, is free to do so (thanks to the public domain), and having put that clip into his movie doesn’t magically make that clip covered by copyright. But what the f*ck [censored by me because I want this newsletter to have a snowball’s chance of getting past email filters] does Universal Pictures care about pesky little things like the public domain and librarians’ YouTube accounts? It’s a big important Hollywood studio, and if it stomps out public domain material and ends up giving strikes to actual librarians, well, it’s all good because it must ‘stop piracy.'”


Search Engine Journal: 72% of People Have Used Voice Search Through a Digital Assistant in 2019 . “Microsoft’s 2019 Voice report analyzes the adoption and usage of voice-enabled technology, such as smart speakers and digital assistants. According to the report, 75% of households will have at least one smart speaker by 2020.”

The Next Web: Healthcare has a massive cybersecurity problem, and we’re not doing enough to fix it.. “Not long ago, it was reasonable to think that financial businesses would be the most prominent and most profitable targets of criminal activity. After all, a successful bank robbery could score you tens of thousands of dollars (or more). But these days, it’s another industry facing the brunt of criminal attacks, and it’s one with much more bearing on us as consumers: healthcare.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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