New Newsletter Duties: Inside Google & Alphabet

Hey y’all,

I’ve started writing a newsletter for . It’s called Inside Google & Alphabet, and it comes out five days a week, excluding holidays. You can sign up (free!) at or read recent issues at (the one for today, May 13, is the first one from me.)

As you might expect from the name, it’s about news involving Google / Alphabet. I’ll be covering all aspects for the company: business, tech, government oversight, etc.

You might be wondering: if I already subscribe to ResearchBuzz, then why subscribe to this newsletter as well? Because it’s different content. There was no overlap in stories between today’s RB and today’s newsletter. There might occasionally be one or two stories that both newsletters mention from different angles, but there’s enough going on in the search engine / database / archive / online information collection space that there’s not going to be much duplicated content.

As always, thanks for reading. I love you!

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