Estonian Startups, Movie Industry Women, NC Genealogy, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, May 21, 2019


The Baltic Course: Estonian startup database launched . “The new database, which can be found on the website on Startup Estonia, lists over 400 startups with Estonian founders with their basic information, such as a short one line description of the main idea, industry tags, amount of investments raised and the development stage.”

Screen Daily: New database launches to promote female film experts (exclusive). “All listings are vetted by the team behind Primetime, and women have to have a minimum of three IMDb sole credits in the grade in which they are applying. In addition to this, credits from major theatre productions and from APA-registered companies will also be accepted.”


DigitalNC: Luther Byrd Genealogical Collections from Surry Community College Now Online at DigitalNC. “Over 120 genealogical collections from Surry County have been digitized and added to DigitalNC, courtesy of our partner, Surry Community College. Created and assembled by Luther Byrd, former Elon College professor from Westfield, North Carolina, these collections represent a huge variety of information about different families and their descendants living in Surry County.”

TNW: TikTok maker’s new app is another shot in the Chinese social media battle. “ByteDance, the world’s most valuable startup and the company behind popular apps like TikTok, has released a new app: Feiliao (飞聊). Or, if you translate it into English, Flipchat. The new app has a clever spin on instant messaging. It encourages users to create interest-based chat groups based on common hobbies, likes and preferences.”


Make Tech Easier: Fed Up with Facebook? Here are 6 Alternatives. “There are always Twitter and Google+, but if either of those appealed to you, you’d already be there. There are a few other options, though: social media sites that haven’t gotten much traction yet but that offer better privacy and more control and just might help you to partially fill that Facebook-shaped void in your life.”


CNBC: Facebook has struggled to hire talent since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to recruiters who worked there . “Facebook is still reeling from the fallout from its Cambridge Analytica scandal more than a year ago, as multiple former recruiters say candidates are turning down job offers from what was once considered the best place to work in the United States.”

Ars Technica: Opera Reborn 3: No modern browser is perfect, but this may be as close as it gets. ” Opera recently released what the company refers to as Reborn 3, the latest version of its flagship desktop browser, and it’s tempting to dismiss the name as little more than marketing hype…. After spending some time with Reborn 3, however, the name seems accurate. For Opera, this is a significant update that goes far beyond what arrived with the move to Chromium 60.”

CNN: Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it’s learned may be crucial to Western democracy. “Finland has faced down Kremlin-backed propaganda campaigns ever since it declared independence from Russia 101 years ago. But in 2014, after Moscow annexed Crimea and backed rebels in eastern Ukraine, it became obvious that the battlefield had shifted: information warfare was moving online.”


BuzzFeed News: This Genealogy Database Helped Solve Dozens Of Crimes. But Its New Privacy Rules Will Restrict Access By Cops.. “Days after BuzzFeed News revealed that the website GEDmatch had bent its published rules to allow police in Utah to search for relatives of the perpetrator of a violent assault, the website changed its terms of service so that users now have to explicitly opt in for their DNA profiles to be included in law enforcement searches.”


EurekAlert: Using AI to remix radio for people living with dementia. “Radio Me will address key causes of hospital admission for people with dementia, such as agitation and not taking medication correctly. As a result, it is hoped quality of life will improve, and people will be able to remain living independently at home for longer.”

The Verge: Facebook is experimenting with robots to push its AI research forward. “Facebook is certainly a high-tech company, but it’s not one you would necessarily associate with robots. However, as the firm revealed today, that’s exactly where its researchers are looking next — trying to see how experiments in robotics can further its work in AI.”

Quartz: Inequality is a notification we see every time we scroll through our news feed. “At no other point in history have the underclasses of society better understood how the wealthy live. The chimera of life’s material desires is everywhere thanks to the prismatic filters of Instagram and Snapchat. They range from the infinitely absurd—stacks of cash on yachts moored in Monaco—to the mundane made exotic, like lattes sprinkled with gold flakes. This is the currency of social media: the privilege of enviable experience hoarded by the already rich and influential.” Good morning, Internet…

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