Instagram, Summarizing Articles, Password Managers, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, May 28, 2019

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Search Engine Journal: Instagram to Make Stories More Colorful for Pride Month in June. “Instagram is taking its celebration of Pride Month a step further this year with rainbow story rings. Story rings appear around a user’s profile photo when they publish a new story.”


Lifehacker: Quickly Summarize a Long Online Article Into a Few Sentences With This Site. “When an article is just a few hundred words like this one, you probably have a few minutes to read it. When you open up an article thinking it’s a few hundred and it’s actually several thousand, your time might be a bit more limited.”

Wired: The 4 Best Password Managers To Secure Your Digital Life. “A good password manager stores, generates, and updates passwords for you with the press of a button. If you’re willing to spend a few dollars a month, a password manager can sync your passwords across all your devices. Here’s how they work.”


TechCrunch: Reminiz automatically indexes and tags videos in real time. “Meet French startup Reminiz, a computer vision company that can index any type of video — it’s a sort of Googlebot, but for video content. Reminiz can add tags of people, logos or emotions on live streams and on-demand videos.”

Geneanet: Participate in The Indexation of The Baltimore Passenger Lists. “National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) have a collection of passenger lists of ships arriving at the port of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, from 1820 to 1897. These 780,000 records contain the name, the first name, the gender, the age, the nationality and the last permanent residence of the individuals, as well as the name of vessel, the date and port of entry, and the destination. This week, we invite genealogists who would wish taking some time indexing this collection to join the project. All together, we can index the 249,000 remaining records!”

National Library of Australia: Curatorial Research Fellow Bess Moylan explores how a better understanding of historical maps can support research into Aboriginal cultural landscapes.. “At first glance Australian historical maps tell stories of exploration and land development, but what happens when we take a look from another perspective? What other stories can we find if we decolonise historical maps? Historical maps can be useful when researching Aboriginal cultural landscapes and they can help researchers develop family histories, trace trading paths and Songlines, investigate traditional fire management regimes, reconstruct land use patterns, and explore local languages.”


CNN: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg faces contempt vote if he ignores Canadian subpoena, MP says. “A senior Canadian politician is warning that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg could be held in contempt of Parliament if they fail to attend a hearing in Ottawa this week.”

Engadget: Grindr’s owner gave staff access to sensitive user data. “When the US pushed Grindr’s owner to sell the app over national security concerns, it made only vague allusions to what might have prompted the decision. Now, however, the situation is clearer. Reuters sources have claimed that Beijing Kunlun triggered alarms after it gave engineers in Beijing access to Grindr’s database for several months.”


Bleeping Computer: U.S. Navy Creating a 350 Billion Record Social Media Archive. “United States Navy researchers want to build a global social media archive with 350 billion of digital data records as part of ongoing research efforts at the Naval Postgraduate School from Monterey, CA, conducted through the Department of Defense and Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School.”

WESA: All Of Us Research Study, With Goal To Recruit 1 Million Participants, Turns 1 Year Old. “A massive National Institutes of Health study with a recruitment hub in Pittsburgh has turned a year old. The All of Us precision medicine project has an aim to recruit 1 million people, and it still has a long way to go. The goal is to assemble a vast database for future research studies, with more than half the pool coming from diverse ancestral backgrounds, and including sexual and gender minorities.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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