Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Nabaztag, Audiobooks, More: Wednesday ResearchBuzz, May 29, 2019


Mirage News: Australian icon Skippy, star of new online exhibition. “.The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has published a new online exhibition dedicated to Skippy, the Australian television show that screened in 128 countries to an audience of over 300 million people at the height of its popularity in 1969. The online tribute… includes clips showcasing Skippy’s amazing skills, the show’s celebrity guests, memorabilia and other rare items from the NFSA collection.” Skippy was a kangaroo (if you’re wondering about the “amazing skills” part).


Engadget: Adorable internet-connected bunny Nabaztag is being resurrected. Yay! I think I still have one around here somewhere. “Robot pets have come a long way since the heady days of Tamagotchi — we’ve got Sony’s adorable Aibo that requires training and Groove X’s fuzzy Lovot that follows you affectionately around the house. But none have quite captured the spirit of the delightful Nabaztag, the cute internet-connected robo-bunny released in 2005, which communicated information through color, motion and sound. Now, thanks to a crowdfunding endeavor, Nabaztag is hopping back into our lives.”


Lifehacker: Your Teen Can Get Free Audiobooks This Summer. “AudioFile Magazine is hosting SYNC, a free summer audiobook program for teens ages 13 and up. Each week, participants can download two complete audiobooks, which are pre-selected and based on weekly themes.”

MakeUseOf: 5 Dictionary and Vocabulary Apps to Learn New Words. “Improving your vocabulary will enhance your communication, which is an essential skill for progressing in any part of your life. Whether you want to look up the meaning of words or learn new ones, these apps are must-haves for English speakers.”

How-To Geek: How to Install Desktop Chrome Extensions on Android. “Chrome Extensions are powerful tools that let you customize your browser experience to your liking. While these have historically only been available on the desktop, a recent update to the Kiwi Browser brings support for desktop extensions to Android.”


Quartz: This Bengaluru techie is helping solve real-world mysteries on Reddit. “The Reddit Bureau of Investigation is one of Reddit’s 1.2 million subreddits, with 113,000 members. It is a cohort of anonymous, amateur online detectives—or ‘crowdsourcing investigators’ as Cherian describes his ilk—who use their sleuthing skills and online investigative tools to help solve ‘real-world problems’ like hit-and-run cases, mysteries and missing items.”

The Japan Times: Archive to tell story of Beate Sirota Gordon’s pivotal role in fight for gender equality in Japan. “Documents related to Beate Sirota Gordon, the American translator who played a major role in the formulation of the Japanese Constitution’s gender equality protections, are being archived in a project exploring the development of women’s rights.”


Digital Trends: Lawsuit alleges Apple disclosed information about iTunes purchases. “Apple may promote itself as a privacy-focused company, but a new lawsuit alleges that it sells off personal data regarding iTunes purchases. The lawsuit was brought by three iTunes customers from Rhode Island and Michigan to federal court in San Fransisco on Friday, according to Bloomberg. The three customers are filing on behalf of all the iTunes customers whose information could have been sold or shared without their consent.”

Reuters: Poland files complaint with EU’s top court over copyright rule change. “Poland has submitted a complaint to the European Union’s top court against copyright rules adopted by the bloc in April to protect Europe’s creative industries, which Warsaw says may result in preventive censorship.”


Brookings Institution: The U.S. falls behind international efforts to rein in technology platforms. “A new report by myself [Clara Hendrickson] and Brookings’s Senior Fellow Bill Galston outlines the major political and economic threats posed by today’s largest online platforms. In it, we lay out the laws and proposals taken up in countries outside the U.S. and consider the ways in which the U.S. might follow or deviate from actions pursued elsewhere to rein in big tech.”

Mashable: Facebook’s engagement is sinking with no end in sight . “If you’ve found yourself spending less time on Facebook over the last year, you’re not alone. As the beleaguered company has battled scandal and tried to emphasize ‘meaningful’ interactions over fake news and clickbait, it appears users are spending less time on the service. Engagement with Facebook is set to decline or remain flat for the foreseeable future, according to a new report from eMarketer.”

Andreessen Horowitz: Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019. “In the world of podcasting, the flywheel is spinning: new technologies including AirPods, connected cars, and smart speakers have made it much easier for consumers to listen to audio content, which in turn creates more revenue and financial opportunity for creators, which further encourages high-quality audio content to flow into the space. There are now over 700K free podcasts available and thousands more launching each week.” Good morning, Internet…

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