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CNN: Influencers you don’t follow will soon be in your Instagram feed. “You may soon spot influencers you don’t follow in your Instagram feed. On Tuesday, the Facebook-owned photo sharing platform announced it is rolling out what it calls ‘branded content ads.’ This will allow brands to make influencers’ sponsored content posts appear as ads so a bigger audience sees them.”

The Register: LibreOffice 6.3 hits beta, with built-in redaction tool for sharing those █████ documents. “The Document Foundation has released the first beta of LibreOffice 6.3, with new features including a redaction tool and a Fourier Analysis spreadsheet function.”

The Mozilla Blog: Firefox Now Available with Enhanced Tracking Protection by Default Plus Updates to Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Lockwise. “Last year, we announced our new approach to anti-tracking, and our commitment to help people stay safe whenever they used Firefox. One of those initiatives outlined was to block cookies from known third party trackers in Firefox. Today, Firefox will be rolling out this feature, Enhanced Tracking Protection, to all new users on by default, to make it harder for over a thousand companies to track their every move. Additionally, we’re updating our privacy-focused features including an upgraded Facebook Container extension, a Firefox desktop extension for Lockwise, a way to keep their passwords safe across all platforms, and Firefox Monitor’s new dashboard to manage multiple email addresses.”


DJ Booth: Solving Rap Journalism’s Long-Standing Research Problem. “Rap journalism has a research problem. Just recently, Up North Trips, a popular Twitter account, attributed the wrong release date to Soundbombing II, Albumism and The Shadow League published 30th-anniversary pieces for Special Ed’s Youngest In Charge over a month past its actual anniversary date, and even the legendary DJ Premier tweeted an erroneous date for the 30th anniversary of Gang Starr’s debut.” An interesting example of a topic where Wikipedia is broadly unhelpful, with several reference resources to use instead. Enjoyed this article a lot.

Refinery29: 8 Queer History & Culture Instagrams To Follow Right Now. “There are dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated to honoring our LGBTQ+ heroes and preserving queer histories, and what better time to follow them that pride month? Some of them are serious archives, which urge us to remember the protests and fights that helped to get close to LGBTQ+ equality, others are just a bit of camp fun… and some are even forging real-world relationships and communities for their users offline.”

Make Tech Easier: 5 of the Best Alternatives for Windows Movie Maker. “Many of us have fond memories of Windows Movie Maker and even more now after Microsoft discontinued it permanently. This may not have been a good idea because Movie Maker was one of the easiest video editing tools to work with. However, we all have to move on. If you are of the opinion that creating a professional video should not consume much time or money, this is a handy list of alternatives to Windows Movie Maker.”


Washington Post: The Smithsonian is digitizing political and military posters — 18,000 of them. “…the National Museum of American History is now finishing a massive project to digitize 18,000 of its old political and military posters to make them easily accessible and to expand awareness of figures and issues long vanished from the headlines. [Kelly] Manno and [Amelia] Brookins, both 26, and colleague Thomas English, 31, have been working since December in a makeshift photography studio in the museum, cranking out more than 200 digitized images a day.” The posters are expected to be online by late summer.

Business Times: Baidu Management Reportedly Panicking Over Search Engine Decline. “Baidu is expected to keep treading downward with some analysts recommending that the Chinese search engine giant’s stocks should be sold. The Sell label emerged as it was revealed that the company’s management is still struggling with new ideas to reawaken its core business.”


BBC: Top Australia university data breach extends back 19 years. 19 YEARS? “The Australian National University (ANU) said it detected the breach two weeks ago and is working with security agencies to investigate further… Data including personal contact details, payroll information, bank account details, passport details and student academic records were accessed. The university said the systems that stored information such as credit card details and medical records had not been affected.”

CNET: Quest Diagnostics says data on nearly 12M patients exposed by breach. “Quest Diagnostics said 11.9 million of its patients may have been exposed in a data breach of computer systems at the American Medical Collection Agency, a billings collection firm the medical lab works with.”


INSEAD Knowledge: Define, Broadcast, Attract and Select: A Framework for Crowdsourcing. “… think of crowd-based creativity as a natural resource. It’s not enough to get at it; you need to know how to harness it effectively and sustainably, as well as how to derive the most market value out of it. Just as oil companies don’t simply drill holes in the ground and hope for the best, companies should not attempt crowdsourcing without a solid framework to guide the project from inception to completion.”

Journal of Medical Internet Research: Exploring the Extent of the Hikikomori Phenomenon on Twitter: Mixed Methods Study of Western Language Tweets . “Hikikomori is a severe form of social withdrawal, originally described in Japan but recently reported in other countries. Debate exists as to what extent hikikomori is viewed as a problem outside of the Japanese context…. We aimed to explore perceptions about hikikomori outside Japan by analyzing Western language content from the popular social media platform, Twitter.” Good morning, Internet…

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