Czech Republic History, Black Women in Physics, NASCAR, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, June 6, 2019

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Radio Praha: New Website Makes History Classes More Attractive. “The Czech Republic’s Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes has launched a new project to help teachers in primary and secondary schools make history classes more engaging. Called Obrazy války or Images of War, it focuses on the period of the Second World War and provides teachers with alternative study materials, based on photographs and film clips.”

Physics Today: Commentary: Celebrating and supporting African American women in physics. “African American Women in Physics (AAWIP) was founded to honor those pioneering women, to inspire future physicists, and to connect with allies interested in promoting diversity in physics and other STEM fields. By maintaining a list of all of the African American women with PhDs who identify as physicists, the organization highlights the wide variety of academic backgrounds and career options for physics students and professionals. With the expected awarding later this year of the 100th physics PhD to an African American woman, AAWIP is both celebrating the trailblazing accomplishments of those who earned their degrees and emphasizing the progress that will be necessary to make the list grow far more quickly.”


Forbes: NASCAR Partners With Amazon Web Services To Move 500,000 Hours Of Historical Video To The Cloud. “Racing body NASCAR has entered into a multi-year agreement with Amazon Web Services to move their historical video content into the cloud. The partnership will see AWS use cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate indexing and tagging of digital content that would otherwise take thousands of man hours to do manually.”


Brownstoner: Get Ready to Get Lost in Time: Brooklyn Library Digitizes Thousands of Historic Newspaper Articles. “In a move sure to get history-loving hearts racing, Brooklyn Collection at Brooklyn Public Library is making more than 40 borough-specific newspapers available for online hunting.” I’m putting this in “Around” instead of “New Resources” because currently they can only be accessed from a library.

UPI: Scholars fear Franklin Graham will cut off access to Billy Graham archives. “This week, at Wheaton College in Illinois, specially trained movers will begin organizing, preparing and packing 3,235 boxes of paper items, 1,000 scrapbooks of news clippings dating back to the 1940s and more than 1,000 linear feet of videos, cassettes, reels, films and audio. All of it documents the life and ministry of evangelist Billy Graham, the Christian college’s most famous alumnus.”

ArtForum: Turkish Filmmaker Arrested For Protesting Government Confiscation Of Archive. “Turkish filmmaker and activist Oktay Ince was detained in Ankara on Thursday, May 30, after he shackled himself to a pole outside the offices of the Ministry of Culture’s General Film Directorate. The arrest was the latest in the Turkish government’s crackdown on dissident activities.”


BBC: Russian data theft: Shady world where all is for sale . “Data breaches by Russian hackers are a global concern now, but the BBC has discovered how easy it is to buy personal data such as passport and bank account details in Russia itself.”

EdWeek: Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming. “Such is the new reality for America’s schools, which are hastily erecting a massive digital surveillance infrastructure, often with little regard for either its effectiveness or its impact on civil liberties.”


Vice: Confessions of a Reddit ‘Karma Whore’. “In its sprawl, Reddit shapeshifts. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. While no two posts are ever quite the same, synchronicities and inside jokes emerge. On Reddit, people around the world play touch-and-go with news stories, politics, memes, and their hobbies, participating in an exchange of mood and culture. It’s a community that entertains itself and makes a concerted effort not to be captured by the views, angles, and attitudes of more mainstream social media.”

CNET: Whiskeridoo! AI named these adorable, adoptable kittens. “Sparky Buttons has eye damage from a infection he caught when he was a stray baby, but he’s still a powerhouse when it comes to cuddling and playing. And don’t be fooled by Mr. Sinister’s name. He’s a cuddler, too. These adoptable kittens, along with their friends Tom Glitter, Pompompur and Whiskeridoo, were all named by an artificial intelligence neural network.” I officially feel 100% less bad for naming my cat Eggo. Good afternoon, Internet…

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