East Bay Punk, Tennessee Genealogy, Vermont Schools, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, June 24, 2019


Punk News: Massive East Bay Punk digital archive released. “Stefano Morello has curated and launched a massive digital archive of east Bay Punk materials. The site includes many zines from the time period and a few other materials.” East Bay in this case is apparently the San Francisco Bay area. Sounds like punk there is quite a thing.

Tennessee State Library & Archives: New Resource for Genealogists at the Tennessee State Library & Archives . “A new tool for researchers is now available on the Library & Archives website. The all-in-one Genealogy Index Search brings together over 1 million names appearing in Tennessee’s most important historical records. Inspired by the way and other online services search multiple record groups from a single screen, staff at the Library & Archives worked with the Secretary of State’s Information Technology Division over a two-year period to create this new resource for genealogists and historians.”

Rutland Herald Online: New tool measures academic performance in Vt.. “At a cost of about $1 million, education officials described Snapshot as unique in the nation in terms of the range of criteria studied and the depth of data delivered. Using Vermont’s Education Quality Standards as a baseline measurement, Snapshot details the performance of schools and students in five major areas: academic proficiency, personalization, safe and healthy schools, high quality staffing and investment priorities.”


Indiana University: Professor Drobac Shares Insights, Cases on Sexual Harassment Law through Facebook. “Professor Jennifer Drobac has joined forces with two other professors to create a Facebook page aimed at educating people about Sexual Harassment Law.”

Social Media Today: Instagram’s Working on a New ‘Stop-Motion’ Tool for Stories. “Are you sick of reading over and over again about how you need to be creating video content, when you don’t have the skills, equipment, nor inspiration to be coming up with effective, engaging video posts? This might help – according to reverse engineering maverick Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is developing a new ‘Stop-Motion’ camera option for Instagram Stories, which would provide another way to create interesting video updates, without having to record any actual video at all.”


MakeUseOf: 5 Ways to Safely Test Your Antivirus Software. “If you’re concerned about how good about your antivirus software is, why wait until it’s too late? There are some safe ways you can test your antivirus to make sure it’s working properly.”


The Verge: YouTube can’t remove kid videos without tearing a hole in the entire creator ecosystem. “As a federal investigation into YouTube’s problems with children enters its late stages, the platform needs a solution. But as YouTube struggles to find a fix that addresses policymakers’ concerns, it’s left with a major roadblock: children have become integral to the overarching creator community.

Mashable: Facebook cofounder says the company’s cryptocurrency plans are ‘frightening’ . “One of Facebook’s most prominent critics is now sounding the alarm about the social network’s cryptocurrency plans. Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes, who made waves earlier this year when he called for the breakup of the company, is describing Facebook’s crypto plans as ‘frightening’ and warning that the endeavor could make the social media giant even more powerful.”

The Verge: One of the creepiest series in YouTube history is now a decade old and can’t seem to die. “Ten years ago this week, a video appeared on the Something Awful forum describing a trove of unlabeled tapes that had been recorded as part of a student film project. The director had supposedly instructed for the tapes to be burned. But years after the project was suddenly ended, the video’s narrator reveals that he kept them intact and decided to parse through the footage.”


Gizmodo: Australian Court Rules Media Orgs Are Liable for Defamation Posted to Facebook by Random Users. “An Australian Court has ruled that media organizations are liable for anything defamatory that’s published to the public Facebook pages of those media companies, even if it’s just posted by a random Facebook user.”


Science: It could take 118 years for female computer scientists to match publishing rates of male colleagues. “It could be well into the 21st century before female computer scientists annually publish as many research articles as their male counterparts, an analysis published today concludes. If current trends in publishing continue, women in biomedical research are likely to reach parity sooner, possibly by 2050.”

Knowledge@Wharton: Who Can Stop Facebook? Limiting the Power of Social Media. “Venture capitalist Roger McNamee discusses his new book about the need to limit the growing economic and political power of Facebook and other social media platforms.” This is a podcast episode with an edited transcript. Good morning, Internet…

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