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Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Important Cultural Property “Dainihonshi Hensan Kiroku” (G.S. Letters) Newly Released. “The Graduate School of Letters of Kyoto University and the Kyoto University Museum have been carrying out the restoration and digitization of an important cultural property Dainihonshi hensan kiroku held by the Graduate School of Letters since academic year 2018. Two hundred and six new images of the restored material are now available in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive. Dainihonshi hensan kiroku (大日本史編纂記録) is a collection of more than 6,000 letters (copies) exchanged between Shokokan (彰考館; Mito Domain’s office for history compilation) in Mito (currently in Ibaraki Prefecture) and Edo (currently Tokyo) and their Kyoto office regarding the compilation of Dainihonshi (*1) by Tokugawa Mitsukuni (徳川光圀; 1628-1701).”

This newspaper collection launched earlier in the year but I didn’t know about it. Thanks to Janet C for the heads up. Ohio University: 1960s Post now online. “The 60s were a time of incredible change and upheaval in Athens and around the world. Today, we tend to think of the massive culture shifts of the Civil Rights movement, women’s liberation, and what we would today call LGBTQ rights as a steady march of progress. Primary sources such as The Post reveal the complexities and contradictions of these narratives– and allow us to walk with the real human beings living their lives during this tumultuous decade.”


Search Engine Journal: How to Prepare for 5 Changes Coming to Facebook Messenger. “At the beginning of May, Facebook held its yearly F8 conference. This conference is where Facebook discusses the overall future of the platform and unveils its upcoming developments and features to developers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. This year, Facebook announced a number of improvements to its Messenger service, as well as new, marketing-focused features.”

Mozilla Blog: Mozilla’s Latest Research Grants: Prioritizing Research for the Internet. “We are very happy to announce the results of our Mozilla Research Grants for the first half of 2019. This was an extremely competitive process, and we selected proposals which address twelve strategic priorities for the internet and for Mozilla. This includes researching better support for integrating Tor in the browser, improving scientific notebooks, using speech on mobile phones in India, and alternatives to advertising for funding the internet.”


The Next Web: How to read your first tweet (and all your other old ones). “Whether you’re looking for that hilarious joke you tweeted last year, or worried that some of your old tweets might contain embarrassing information, there are several ways to go about finding you old posts.” Nice basic overview.


South County Times: Family of legendary scout Lou Maguolo honored after donating his scouting reports to Baseball Hall of Fame. “The family of legendary scout Lou Maguolo will be honored at a reception on Sunday at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., in recognition of their donating 250 of his scouting reports from his nearly forty years as a scout to the Hall.” The reports will be digitized and added to the Hall’s collection of scouting reports.

The Zimbabwe Mail: Zimbabwe gov goes after black market blog websites and social media platforms. “The embattled micro-blog platform Market Watch Zimbabwe, rub by street black market money changing operatives who call themselves independent analysts focused on research into the Zimbabwean parallel markets as well as the stock market has suspended services after the government allegedly threatened them. It is understood that the there are multiple websites and social media platforms run by big street money changers and Market Watch and ZimBollar research institute are said to be on Zimbabwe government radar for causing mayhem to the currency market.”

The Intercept: Border Patrol Agents Tried to Delete Racist and Obscene Facebook Posts. We Archived Them.. “The Intercept gained full access to the invitation-only Border Patrol group weeks ago and, for more than a month has collected and archived hundreds of posts that show that the content shared with ProPublica was no aberration. In fact, the Border Patrol group was a hotbed for the kind of right-wing memes and anti-immigrant hate common in some corners of the internet. The only difference is that the group — which had nearly 10,000 members at the time it was exposed and has since dwindled to a little over 4,000 — was meant to be used by current and former federal law enforcement personnel.”


Ars Technica: The DMCA bell did not toll for a beloved musician—thus, I could grieve him. “I will never see my favorite songwriter in concert, right in front of me, reacting to my cheers and enthusiasm. But if any performer was going to vanish just as I teetered into my concert-going years, at least this one had some surprises for me five, 10, even 20 years later, all just a few mouse-clicks away.”

CNET: Amazon Alexa keeps your data with no expiration date, and shares it too. “Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware, sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in May, demanding answers on Alexa and how long it kept voice recordings and transcripts, as well as what the data gets used for. The letter came after CNET’s report that Amazon kept transcripts of interactions with Alexa, even after people deleted the voice recordings.” Good evening, Internet…

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