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Harper’s Bazaar: Instagram rolls out an anti-bullying tool to help trolls question nasty comments. “Instagram has implemented a new tool to help eradicate bullying by making trolls question any prospective nasty comments.”


TechAcute: New Work: Setting up an Internal-Only Instagram Account for Your Teams. “Instagram is incredibly successful and popular amongst all kind of demographics. It goes without saying that Instagram should be part of every organization’s social media portfolio for public communication and marketing, but what about internal comms? And what about clubs? NPOs? All the people out there that form teams and independent groups. This is not only interesting for companies.” What an interesting idea.

Fast Company: The ultimate focus secret: Turn your smartphone into a dumb phone. “Have the pressures of modern society gotten you down? Do you spend 95% of your free time cruising Instagram, with very little benefit to your soul? Does your phone do so much for you that it distracts you from the real work of getting stuff done? Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

Social Media Examiner: How to Use Facebook Live in Your Marketing: An 8-Step Plan. “Looking for proven ways to reach and engage your Facebook fans? Wondering how live video could help? In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Live as the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.”

Wired: How To Shoot Stellar Slow-Motion Video On Your Phone. “SLOW MOTION HAS long been one of the coolest (and overused) effects in video. The technique was once exclusive to fancy, expensive cameras, but as portable device technology improves, slo-mo has become better and better. Whether you want to emphasize a cinematic moment or prolong the embarrassment of a friend you recorded in a compromising situation, slo-mo is a great tool that you should learn to wield.”


CNN: Smithsonian interested in obtaining migrant children’s drawings depicting their time in US custody. “The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has inquired about obtaining disturbing drawings by migrant children that depict figures with sad faces behind bars.”

Radio Praha: Beer, Schnitzel And Mushroom Picking – Unique Set Of Emojis Captures Czech Soul. “A Czech design student has come up with a custom set of 180 emojis that depict various aspects of Czech life and humour. Within a week of being shared on social media, the designs, fittingly called ‘Czemoji’, have garnered much attention from the media as well as the wider public. She now plans on making them publicly available for use on digital platforms.”

Washington Post: Banned at home, Twitter becomes a new tool for Chinese diplomats abroad. “According to Chinese officials, Twitter is a destabilizing carrier of foreign influence, a platform banned inside China on national security grounds. Also according to Chinese officials: ‘We are pleased to join Twitter in which we can engage in more frequent and productive dialogue with Americans.'”


BetaNews: Ubuntu-maker Canonical’s GitHub account hacked. “Canonical — the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distro — is investigating an attack on its GitHub account over the weekend.”


VentureBeat: AI uses Google Trends data to predict how many people will get the flu. “In a newly published paper (‘Sequence to Sequence with Attention for Influenza Prevalence Prediction using Google Trends’) on, scientists hailing from the University of Tokyo describe a system that taps data from Google Trends, a tool that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search, to improve precision. They report that their approach achieves state-of-the-art results in preliminary tests.”

Vice: I Was Banned From Twitter for Threatening to Kill Mr. Peanut. “A few months ago, I was suspended indefinitely from Twitter for threatening to kill Mr. Peanut. To be fair, this wasn’t my first time menacing the Planters mascot. Or my second or my third. By the time I was banned, I had been systematically harassing the peanut man for about four months.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. Re: Turn your smartphone into a dumb phone –
    Good article – but the detailed procedure is much too laborious. People don’t want to permanently disable their smartphone. They want a screen icon that will do all this automatically with one touch and then reverse the procedure with another touch. i.e keep the phone available for urgent calls and texts only during the concentration session, then return to normal use afterwards.
    Product opportunity here????

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