Internet Creators Guild, YouTube, Twitch, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, July 14, 2019


Tubefilter: Hank Green’s Internet Creators Guild To Shutter, Citing No “Path To Financial Stability”. “The Internet Creators Guild (ICG) — a nonprofit launched by online luminary and VidCon co-founder Hank Green in 2016 to champion the digital creator community — is closing its doors, the organization’s board of directors shared in an email to members, stating that it does not see ‘a path to financial stability’ nor ‘a way to support the staff necessary to continue our mission.'”

The Verge: YouTube is launching educational playlists that won’t include algorithmic recommendations. “YouTube is introducing a new education feature called Learning Playlists that will offer dedicated landing pages for educational videos on a variety of topics, including math, science, music, and language.” This is great! There’s so much good, useful, educational content on YouTube — it’s just HARD TO FIND!

TechCrunch: Twitch continues to dominate live streaming with its second-biggest quarter to date. “Twitch continues to lead rivals including, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming and Microsoft’s Mixer, when it comes to live-streaming video. Despite experiencing its first decline in hours watched in Q2 2019, the Amazon-owned game-streaming site still had its second-biggest quarter to date, with more than 70% of the hours watched during the quarter.”


Carnegie Mellon University: New App Aims to Teach Special Relativity Hands-On. “Many people have at least heard of Albert Einstein’s famous theory of special relativity, or its key formula E=mc2. Understanding that theory and how it affects the complex relationship between space and time in the universe is another matter entirely. Carnegie Mellon University Professor of Physics Ira Rothstein hopes to make understanding general relativity a little easier with a new smartphone app that lets anyone experiment with and learn how different aspects of special relativity, like time dilatio and length contraction, work.”


The Sen Times (India): Central Govt Warns Its Employees Not To Access Social Media On Official Devices. “The central government has cautioned its employees against accessing social media on official devices, including mobile phones and computers, unless permitted. It also directed officials not to carry out classified work on computers connected to Internet and instead use standalone systems.”

TechWire Asia: CEO Alex Chung explains why GIPHY is the Google of animations. “ALTHOUGH GIPHY was founded in 2013, CEO Alex Chung says that the business is just 18 months old because the team has only recently started monetizing the platform and is already signing seven-figure deals with brands.”

GRAMMY Museum: GRAMMY Museum® Grant Program Awards $200,000 For Music Research And Sound Preservation. “The GRAMMY Museum® Grant Program announced today that $200,000 in grants will be awarded to 15 recipients in the United States to help facilitate a range of research on a variety of subjects, as well as support a number of archiving and preservation programs…. Preservation projects include the archiving of uncirculated John Hartford jam tapes, 960 audio reels of Cajun and zydeco artists, and 221 rare interview recordings with African-American actors, performers, composers, musicians, and scholars, among many other preservation projects.”


TASS: Lithuania’s court rules to block Russian news agency Sputnik’s web portal. “Vilnius District Administrative Court sanctioned to block the Lithuanian web portal of the Russian news agency Sputnik. The Radio and Television Commission that is subordinate to Lithuania’s parliament and controls the activity of radio stations and TV broadcasters reported about the court award on its website Friday.”

The Hamilton Spectator: Over two years, Project Arachnid has flagged 10 million images of suspected child pornography. “Scanning 12,000 images per second, the two-year-old tool — called Project Arachnid — has scanned nearly 80 billion images and flagged 10 million as suspected images of child sexual abuse. It has also gathered millions of words shared between pedophiles detailing their strategies and techniques for grooming and abusing children.” This entire article is a trigger warning. I gagged twice. If you skip this one I don’t blame you.

Techdirt: Congress Moving Forward With Copyright-For-Censorship ‘Small Claims’ Act. “For a while now, we’ve been explaining why a plan to create a copyright ‘small claims’ process would be a disaster for free speech and a boon to copyright trolling. Unfortunately, it appears that the latest bill proposing this awful idea has a real chance to move forward. EFF has put up an action page urging people to contact their elected officials and ask them not to approve the CASE Act.”


The Register: Congrats, Nvidia and Google: You’re still the best (out of five) at training neural networks. “Nvidia and Google continue to dominate in AI hardware, according to the latest benchmarking results from the ML Perf project published this week.”

UChicago News: Scientists use technology to examine questions around climate, biodiversity. “clam shell may be a familiar find on the beach, but its intricate curves and markings tell a rich tale. For centuries, biologists have collected, drawn, measured and compared the shells of bivalve species, pursuing knowledge about how the environment and behavior shape biodiversity. Now, University of Chicago scientists are combining high-resolution 3-D imaging with new geometric deep learning approaches to reveal a fuller version of the story hidden in shells.” Good morning, Internet…

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