Google My Business, Instagram, Reddit, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, July 19, 2019


Search Engine Roundtable: Local SEOs Say Google My Business Suspension Issues Not Fixed. “The other day we reported that the Google My Business issues were reportedly fixed according to Google. Well, many local SEOs and businesses are saying this is not true.”

CNET: Instagram has new rules for removing accounts. “Instagram said Thursday it’s rolling out changes to how it decides what accounts to take down, a sign that the photo-sharing site is getting tougher about removing offensive content that violates its rules.”

Mashable: Instagram won’t say why teen’s dead body still shows up in profile pics despite image-blocking tech. “Instagram is taking steps to block users from posting horrific photos of a teen’s body after her brutal murder, but the platform’s filters seem to have blind spots: profile pictures and videos. Days after heavy backlash for not taking down gruesome photos of Bianca Devins’ body quickly enough, Instagram still struggles to get a handle on content moderation.”


The Next Web: How to build Reddit custom feeds (also known as ‘multis’) like a pro. “Before I became a journalist, Reddit was my preferred source of information and entertainment. I didn’t use Twitter, I hardly got on Facebook, and I absolutely despised Snapchat. Then I started using it for work, and I suddenly couldn’t enjoy it in my spare time anymore. It felt like two universes colliding. Until I discovered custom feeds (also known as multis).”

PetaPixel: Kodak $40 Mobile Film Scanner is Like Google Cardboard for Scanning Film. “If you’re looking for the cheapest possible way to digitize your 35mm Negatives and Slides, the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is probably it. Costing just $40, this cardboard contraption lets you digitize 35mm film using just your smartphone and a couple of AA batteries.” Obviously not a professional level rig, but if you’ve got a pile of slides or some random film rolls sitting around…


New York Times: Have We Hit Peak Podcast?. “It’s no wonder that the phrase ‘everyone has a podcast’ has become a Twitter punch line. Like the blogs of yore, podcasts — with their combination of sleek high tech and cozy, retro low — are today’s de rigueur medium, seemingly adopted by every entrepreneur, freelancer, self-proclaimed marketing guru and even corporation.” I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve been thinking about starting a two-minute podcast, just noting what I think are highlights in the day’s ResearchBuzz, nothing fancy, just for people who have more listen time than read time.

CNN: Social influencers see stardom potential on LinkedIn and Pinterest. “While on a sabbatical from work, Goldie Chan started taking videos of herself walking and talking about different topics, from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to ridesharing and marketing. She posted them on LinkedIn. The hundreds of daily videos she shot on her smartphone in selfie mode helped her rack up over 4 million views and about 50,000 followers on the social network for professionals since 2017.”


New York Times: Facebook and Google Trackers Are Showing Up on Porn Sites. “Trackers from tech companies like Google and Facebook are logging your most personal browsing details, according to a forthcoming New Media & Society paper, which scanned 22,484 pornography websites. Where that data ultimately goes is not always clear.”

CPO Magazine: The Cutting Edge of AI Cyber Attacks: Deepfake Audio Used to Impersonate Senior Executives. “There is a great deal of public concern about deepfakes, most of it centered on the ramifications of being able to quickly and easily face-swap videos. That concern is certainly well-founded, but it may be obscuring an even more immediate threat – deepfake audio. Voice-swapping has already been put to use in at least a handful of artificial intelligence (AI) cyber attacks on businesses, enabling attackers to gain access to corporate networks and convince employees to authorize a money transfer.”


BBC: Scotland-led study into plastic pollution impact on birds . “Pictures of birds entangled in plastic and nests built with the waste are being collected by Scottish researchers. They want people from around the world to contribute to the ‘citizen science’ project by uploading their images to a new website.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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