Breast Cancer Risk, John Henry Newman, Indiana Politics, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, August 24, 2019


University of California San Francisco: Chemical Exposure Web Tool Defines Risks Faced by Millions of California Women. “The tool, which was developed by researchers at UC San Francisco and the California Department of Public Health’s Occupational Health Branch, is part of an ongoing study focused on understanding potential breast cancer risks related to workplace chemical exposures. Users can search the database by ethnicity/race, age, and occupation to see risk information on more than a thousand chemicals, sorted into 24 chemical groups, as well as which chemicals are likely to be present in various occupations.”

Trib Live: Pittsburgh institute launches largest online Newman archive in the world. “The Oakland-based National Institute for Newman Studies this week launched the NINS Digital Collections, an interactive, online platform that is home to more than 250,000 [Cardinal John Henry] Newman archives. The collection includes letters, library records, photographs, maps, handwritten papers, published books and never-before-seen manuscripts.”


The Journal Gazette: Hoosier politics database upgraded. “Wells County native Trevor Foughty has retooled his Indiana political data and history website Capitol & Washington. The database… contains a dozen categories, including election results, politicians, officeholders, state legislative and congressional maps, legislative caucus elections and lists of women and minorities who have held state or federal office.”

Digital Trends: Google cuts the sugar out of Android with a simplified name and fresh logo. “In 2009, Google unveiled Android 1.5 Cupcake. It was an important update to the fledgling operating system as it introduced an on-screen keyboard, but it was also the first version update to use a dessert-themed naming scheme. Cupcake led to Donut, and after a few updates, to Android 9 Pie in 2018. Now, 10 years later, Google is retiring the sugary names for its Android version updates starting with Android 10 Q, which will now be called Android 10.”


Reuters: Facebook shuts dozens of Myanmar social media accounts over ‘inauthentic behavior’ . “Facebook Inc said on Thursday it had shut 216 social media pages, groups and accounts in Myanmar, some tied to the army, to stymie efforts to ‘manipulate or corrupt public debate’.”

University of Southern Mississippi: “War Stories” Project to Capture the Experiences of National Guard Soldiers’ Service in Global War on Terror. “A new initiative of the Dale Center for the Study of War and Society at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) will capture and preserve the oral and written story of Mississippi’s National Guard and its service in America’s 21st century military exploits, including the Global War on Terror and managing recovery operations following Hurricane Katrina.”

BuzzFeed News: Facebook Said It Would Give Detailed Data To Academics. They’re Still Waiting.. “In 2018, Facebook announced a partnership to provide data to academics to ‘help people better understand the broader impact of social media on democracy — as well as improve our work to protect the integrity of elections.’… But as of today, many of the academic teams remain on hold because Facebook has yet to provide key data required to conduct research into sharing patterns of fake and polarized news, Facebook interactions related to the 2018 Italian election, and disinformation campaigns in the recent German election, among other projects. Facebook has also declined to provide some of the data it originally said it would offer, citing privacy concerns.


TechCrunch: Justice Department indicts 80 individuals in a massive business email scam bust. “The Justice Department has indicted dozens of individuals accused of involvement in a massive business email scam and money laundering scheme. Thom Mrozek, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Central District of California, confirmed more than a dozen individuals had been arrested during raids on Thursday — mostly in the Los Angeles area. A total of 80 defendants are allegedly involved in the scheme.”

Mercury News: Facebook sued over alleged housing discrimination. “The lawsuit, recently filed in federal court in San Francisco, marks the latest fallout from Facebook’s practice of allowing companies to post housing ads on the platform aimed at users based on demographic data. The suit claims Facebook allowed housing providers to shield their ads from people based on their national origin, family status, disability and other factors, thereby limiting those groups’ ability to find housing and violating the federal Fair Housing Act.”


BBC: Fake news is ‘reinforced by false memories’. “A study into false memories highlights the risks of ‘fake news’ spreading via social media. Volunteers were shown fabricated news reports in the week before Ireland’s 2018 abortion law referendum. Nearly half of them subsequently claimed to have had prior memories of at least one of the made-up events detailed.”

Phys .org: New tool mines scientific texts for fusion protein facts. “Different kinds of fusion proteins can arise naturally in the human body, sometimes leading to cancer. Understanding interactions between fusion proteins and other proteins can help improve personalized cancer treatment. However, the number of scientific papers discussing these interactions is growing rapidly, and there is no standard format for presenting this information. Thus, organizing and keeping abreast of this knowledge poses a major challenge.”


Variety: This Website Creates Spotify & Apple Music Playlists Based on Your Local Weather. “Electronica musician Tycho launched a clever promotional website for his new album ‘Weather’ this week: Visitors of Tycho’s website can use a web app to generate a playlist based on their local weather.” Love the idea, but when I tried it, it seemed to hang on saving my playlist to Spotify. Hope it works better for you. Good morning, Internet…

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