Facebook Wearables, Snapchat, Ethical Hacking, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 28, 2019


Mashable: Facebook: ‘We are building AR glasses . “Augmented reality glasses from Facebook are actually happening. But we still don’t know when you’ll be able to wear a pair. At the Oculus Connect 6 event Wednesday, the Facebook-owned company confirmed AR glasses are in the works, and showed how live mapping can blend the physical world with digital imaging.”

Tubefilter: MTV Launches ‘Teen Code’ Spin-Off Series On Snapchat With Eva Gutowski, Jordyn Jones, More. “On the new spin-off, dubbed Teen Code — which was announced in early 2018, but arrives today — an illustrious fleet of social influencers will share life advice, personal anecdotes, and fun facts about being a teenager, per MTV. The eight-episode series will feature appearances from Liza Koshy, Jay Versace, Eva Gutowski, Emma Chamberlain, Jordyn Jones, and more.”


MakeUseOf: 5 Websites That Teach You How to Hack Legally. “If you’re an ethical hacker, it can be hard to put your skills to the test without harming anyone. Fortunately, there are resources that give you a sandbox to hack in, giving you a place to learn while also keeping it legal. Here are some websites to test your mettle against without getting into trouble.”


University of Toronto: Institute of Islamic Studies captures stories and data to change the conversation on Muslims in Canada. “The IIS is spearheading a number of digital humanities projects to collect Muslim stories, combat Islamophobic ideas and partner with various organizations to better understand and represent the demographics and lived experiences of Muslims across Canada.”

AdAge: Why Reddit Is Leaning Into The Idea Of ‘Community’. “In a small May 2019 Digiday poll, 34 percent of the marketers surveyed said they avoid Reddit due to brand safety concerns. But Reddit has a survey of their own to point to: A YPulse study commissioned by Reddit released earlier this month included the surprising stat that 72 percent of Reddit users, or Redditors, say brands are welcome to join the conversation.”


The Verge: Elizabeth Warren wants to hire an army of nerds to defeat Google’s lobbyists. “On Friday, 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced a new plan aimed at making lawmakers less susceptible to these lobbyists and their ‘disinformation’ over sensitive issues like tech consolidation and climate change: an army of government-mandated tech nerds housed in a reinstated Office of Technology Assessment (OTA).”

Bismark Tribune: Remote public access approved for ND court records in ‘major sea change’. “Remote, electronic access will soon be available for North Dakota court system records. The state Supreme Court on Wednesday adopted a rule governing public access to court documents.”

Boston Magazine: New York Attorney General: Dunkin’s Response to App Breach Was Full of Holes. “On Thursday, [New York] Attorney General Letitia James announced a lawsuit against Dunkin’ Brands Inc. following a series of cyberattacks on the chain’s mobile DD Perks app. According to the lawsuit, Dunkin’ failed to notify nearly 20,000 customers impacted by the attacks, even though their information, including the funds loaded onto their accounts, was at risk.”


New York Times: At Tech’s Leading Edge, Worry About a Concentration of Power . “Each big step of progress in computing — from mainframe to personal computer to internet to smartphone — has opened opportunities for more people to invent on the digital frontier. But there is growing concern that trend is being reversed at tech’s new leading edge, artificial intelligence.”

University of Arizona: $3M Grant to Create Cybersecurity Modeled After Human Body. “A woman touches a hot stove, but thanks to the nervous system, she snatches her hand away before she gets too hurt. A virus enters the body, but the immune system fends off the invader before it can cause too much damage. What if our computers and smartphones could respond to security threats in the same proactive way our bodies respond to health threats?” This is not biometrics. I’m not sure how I’d describe it, but it’s not biometrics. Good afternoon, Internet…

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