Kansas Missing Persons, Reddit, Satellite Spotting, More: Late Tuesday Evening ResearchBuzz, October 1, 2019


KSAL: KBI Missing Person Website Unveiled. “The new site allows for searches by a missing person’s name, or by Kansas county. You can also search based on demographics such as name, gender, age, or the date the missing person was last seen. When using the site, individuals are able to submit tips, information, and sightings directly to the KBI.”


CNET: Reddit tightens antibullying rules and bans ‘incel’ group. “Reddit is clarifying its policy against bullying and harassment, posting new rules on Monday about the prohibited behavior. The changes, according to the administrator, Landoflobsters, were made due to user feedback and meant to make stopping abuse easier.”


Android Police: A Googler built a tool to spot satellites from your backyard – no telescope required. “A plethora of satellites are orbiting our planet, and if you know just when to look up, you might even be able to see some flying over your head. Google graphics and computer vision engineer James Darpinian has developed a web app that helps you identify where to look to spot these objects by utilizing Street View and browser notifications as well as weather warnings.”


The Verge: All Hands on Deck. “In two hours of leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook employees against critics, competitors, and the US government.” I really, really hate this article’s format.

Deccan Herald: Social media sites fined in Germany for hate speech. “Social media giants are obliged to remove hate content within 24 hours or one week in Germany failing which they face a fine of up to 50 million euros, according to Andreas Kindl, director of strategic communication of the Federal Foreign Office.”


The Guardian: Plan for massive facial recognition database sparks privacy concerns. “If you’ve had a driver’s licence photo or passport photo taken in Australia in the past few years, it’s likely your face will end up in a massive new national network the federal government is trying to create.”

CNET: Google reportedly under antitrust scrutiny for new internet encryption protocol . “Google’s plans to use a new internet protocol has raised concerns among congressional antitrust investigators who worry it could give the company an unfair competitive advantage, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Investigators want to know whether Google will use any data collected through the new protocol for commercial purposes.”


Phys .org: Rare and endangered symbolic scar tree preserved . “Queensland Museum researchers have been part of a rescue mission to preserve a centuries-old Aboriginal tree carving, helping document it for future generations using technology known as photogrammetry.”

The Hindu: Mobile app to generate digital database of wetlands. “The mobile app is aimed to generate a centralised digital database of the smaller wetlands (2.2 ha or below) across the country. Such smaller wetlands cover an area of more than five lakh hectares across the country, while Kerala has 2,592 smaller wetlands.” Good evening, Internet! Insomnia sucks! Whee!

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