Manitoba Biodiversity, New York City Bodegas, Tor Browser, More: Thursday Evening ResearchBuzz, October 24, 2019


CBC: Research, photos of Manitoba tundra open to public. “An archive of photos and research of plants and animals in Manitoba’s tundra are now available online, providing public access to decades of Churchill, Man., history. Professors from York University in Toronto are in the town 1,000 kilometres north of Winnipeg this week to share the Churchill Community of Knowledge — a digital archive that more than 50 York University students have been putting together since 2011.”

Curbed New York, and new-to-me: The future of the bodega is clear. “Michael Silber, a designer and artist who has lived in Brooklyn for 15 years, runs Deli Grossery, a digital archive of New York’s unique small businesses. To date, he has photographed and mapped over 1,750 bodegas throughout the boroughs. When he started the project in 2014, his goal ‘was to capture the most outlandish and inventive photoshop collages [he] could find… posters that combined giant sweaty sandwiches, New York cityscapes, and watermarked stock photos.’ But things have changed in the past five years.”


Neowin: The Tor Project releases Tor Browser 9.0 with several UX improvements. “The Tor Project has announced the release of Tor Browser 9.0, the new update brings several updates to the user experience, integrating more features into the browser directly and scrapping the onion button.”

Mashable: You can’t lurk on Instagram anymore unless you’re logged in. “First, Instagram removed its infamous ‘following’ tab, which let you surreptitiously keep track of what posts your friends were liking. Now, the company will no longer let you view more than a handful of photos on public profiles if you’re not logged in.”

Search Engine Journal: Google Launches New, Animated Video Series About SEO for Beginners . “Google is growing its YouTube presence with another video series – this time it’s geared toward beginners, rather than experienced SEOs. Unlike Google’s other video series, hosted by Googlers such as John Mueller and Martin Splitt, this one is going to be entirely animated.”


CNET: Facebook’s Zuckerberg gets grilled over political ad policy. “Less than a week after his controversial speech on protecting the First Amendment, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg continued to take fire from lawmakers on Wednesday over the social network’s decision to not fact-check advertisements from politicians.”

Brisbane Times: Google Home devices seemingly bricked by recent software update. “Home devices receive and install software updates without requiring input from the user, typically overnight to avoid interrupting normal operation. But recently some users have discovered their units — specifically original Google Home and Google Home Mini units — have become completely unresponsive with their lights illuminated.”


The Next Web: Major Chinese browser ‘Maxthon’ has a bug that allows anyone admin access. “One of China’s most popular browsers, Maxthon, has a bug in its Windows version that can allow a hacker to take admin control and install malware. A report by security firm SafeBreach notes it reported the vulnerability in September.”


Phys .org: New insect database to help with forensic investigations . “Researchers at Cranfield University are using blowflies and other insects to develop a database which will provide a complementary method of estimating time since death in forensic investigations.”

Ars Technica: Microsoft’s DreamWalker VR turns your daily commute into a totally different one. “Researchers at Microsoft have developed new VR technologies that they claim allow users to remain fully immersed in a virtual world even while traversing public places in the real world on foot.” Good evening, Internet…

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