8Chan, Google Cardboard, Facebook, More: Thursday Evening ResearchBuzz, November 7, 2019


Ars Technica: 8chan gets back online—and is promptly forced off again. “8chan was back online this week—albeit with a new name—three months after the site was essentially kicked off the public Internet…. We were able to access the site this morning, but it’s offline again now around mid-day. 8chan administrator Ron Watkins previously warned that DDoS attacks and people protesting against 8chan’s re-emergence could cause problems.”

Engadget: Google open sources Cardboard as it retreats from phone-based VR. “Google’s decision to back away from phone-based VR may have an upside for creators. The internet giant is releasing a Cardboard open source project that will let developers create VR experiences and add Cardboard support to their apps.”


NBC News: Leaked documents show Facebook leveraged user data to fight rivals and help friends. “A cache of leaked Facebook documents shows how the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, oversaw plans to consolidate the social network’s power and control competitors by treating its users’ data as a bargaining chip. The documents were obtained and are being published by NBC News.”

TechCrunch: Venture capitalists ‘like and subscribe’ to influencers. “Tech entrepreneurs, quick to pounce on any emerging economy, have also begun building services for creators and influencers from marketplaces that connect individuals with brands, financial solutions that help capitalize burgeoning influencer-led businesses, tailored monetization platforms and even a ‘LinkedIn for Influencers’ intended to foster connections between influencers and brands.”

The Gazette: Gazette policy guides removing minor crime stories from website. “The Gazette has been receiving an increasing number of requests from people we’ve written stories about who say they’re being impacted long after charges were dropped or their court case has been completed. Whether it’s a job search, housing or growing kids Googling their parents’ names, many find it difficult to fully put the incident behind them. We have put together a series of criteria that we’ll use to consider removing articles about non-felony and non-violent criminal offenses from our website.”


New York Times: California Reveals Facebook Probe, Says Social Media Company Stonewalling Investigation. “California revealed for the first time an 18-month investigation into Facebook Inc’s privacy practices and accused the social media giant in a court filing on Wednesday of hampering the investigation.”

BBC: Ex-Twitter employees accused of spying for Saudi Arabia. “Two former employees of Twitter have been charged in the US for spying for Saudi Arabia. The charges, unsealed on Wednesday in San Francisco, allege that Saudi agents sought personal information about known Saudi critics and other Twitter users.”


The Verge: TikTok’s global social media takeover is starting to slow down. “In the two and a half years since it launched outside China, TikTok has seen astounding growth, adding more than 500 million users so far this year and closing in on 1.5 billion users in total. But according to new data from mobile analytics firm SensorTower, TikTok just experienced its first ever growth slowdown on a quarterly basis.”

CNN: Facebook is a hotbed of impeachment disinformation, researchers say. “Facebook has become a fertile breeding ground for disinformation about Congress’s impeachment inquiry, according to a new report by the civil society group Avaaz. Material seeking to discredit the probe now accounts for some of the most viral fake content on the social media platform, researchers at the group said.” Good evening, Internet…

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