Google Pixel, Chrome OS, FormRecycler, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, November 7, 2019


Ars Technica: RIP OG Pixel: Google ends support after just three years [Update]. “Pour one out this morning for the OG Google Pixel 1. This month’s Android security patches are out, and while you’ll find bulletins covering the Pixel 2, 3, and 4, the original Google Pixel didn’t make the cut. Google is ending support this month.” An update to the story notes that support is actually ending NEXT month. Still, that means the phone is obsolete in… three years? And the these phones started at $649?

Google Blog: What’s new in Chrome OS: Virtual Desks, simpler printing and more. “One of the best parts of Chromebooks is that every new version of Chrome OS brings dozens of improvements to keep your device safe, fast and hassle-free. The latest version of Chrome OS includes tools to help you organize your workspace, make phone calls more easily, and print and share feedback more quickly.”


Make Tech Easier: How to Reuse and Combine Google Forms with FormRecycler. “FormRecycler is an amazing GSuite app that helps you populate form fields intuitively by reusing the questions from previous forms as much as you want. We’ll show in this article how it can be used to combine multiple Google Forms.”

Nebraska Library Commission: Resources for Libraries and the 2020 Census . One of these resources, a Webinar, has already happened. But there’s a lot of other stuff here.


BBC: The woman who tracks ‘dark’ Instagram accounts. “Intervening to help suicidal Instagram users is not a role Ingebjørg [Blindheim] would have chosen for herself. She doesn’t work for the social media site, and she isn’t paid for what she does. Nor is she formally qualified to offer help, having received no training in mental healthcare. Instead she feels compelled to act, realising she’s often the last chance of help for those posting their despair online.”

Engadget: Sports teams are using Signal to duck deflategate-like scandals. “Facebook isn’t the only company struggling over the prospect of end-to-end encryption in messaging apps, as a report from Yahoo Sports cites examples from ‘every level of sport’ turning to encrypted messaging. While Whatsapp and iMessage provide encrypted communications, increasingly the app of choice is turning out to be Signal, which not only protects their message from MITM spying, but can also auto-delete them based on rules.”


FTC: FTC Issues Rules For Disclosure Of Ads By Social Media Influencers. “Open up Instagram, and there’s a big chance you’ll come across a post about an influencer’s experience with a new lotion or a fancy restaurant. At the very bottom of the post, there’s a hashtag, #ad, to divulge that you just read a paid endorsement. That’s not enough, the Federal Trade Commission says, in a publication released Tuesday.”

The Register: Baffled by bogus charges on your Amazon account? It may be the work of a crook’s phantom gadget. “Last week, we spoke to an Amazon customer who was for months plagued by unauthorized purchases from their account. It appeared a fraudster’s smart TV had been quietly linked to the victim’s profile – a gizmo not visible in the usual account settings and could not be removed by even Amazon’s own support team.”


Phys .org: Cynical social media voices can erode trust in news media. “Amid rising concerns about low public trust in mainstream media institutions, a Rutgers study found that real-life and online social interactions can strongly influence a person’s trust in newspaper, TV and online journalism—but when it comes to online interactions, cynical views are the most influential.”

Washington Post: Twitter fueled attacks on Muslim candidates in 2018, study finds. “Muslim candidates, including Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, endured torrents of hateful, xenophobic and threatening tweets during last year’s campaign season, much of it amplified through bots and other fake accounts, according to a study [that was] released Tuesday.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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