Hemp Industry, Presbyterian Georgia, Video Game Design, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, November 19, 2019


PR Newswire: Farm Journal Launches First Hemp Industry Database (PRESS RELEASE). “Over the past 50 years, Farm Journal has become the trusted partner in agricultural data and today manages more than 4.1 million continuously updated records. Farm Journal’s ownership of 15 leading web-based platforms and its holistic view of the agri-food value chain provides data partners with a clear and accurate picture of new and emerging agricultural landscapes. This expertise has led to the construction of a multi-sourced hemp database. This first-of-its-kind data set includes information from state and federal licensee files and other industry sources such as hemp growers, processors, transporters, seed companies, educators and farm managers.”

Digital Library of Georgia: Resources related to the historic role of the Presbyterian Church in Georgia now freely available online. “Three new collections featuring historical resources related to the Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian educators, and their role in Georgia history are now available through the Digital Library of Georgia.”


Google Blog: Finalists from our Design Challenge are Changing the Game. “Research shows that while half of all mobile game players are women, only 23 percent of them think there’s equal treatment and opportunity in the industry. In order to promote women as players and creators, Change The Game empowers the next generation of game makers so all players can feel represented and engaged. Our annual Design Challenge encouraged teenagers nationwide to design an original game. We received over 1,500 entries and selected five finalists, who worked with Girls Make Games. These winning games are now available for download on Google Play.”

Mashable: A private equity firm now runs .org, the domain for nonprofits . “A private equity firm will soon run the internet’s top domain name extension for nonprofits after purchasing the nonprofit organization that runs it. Public Interest Registry (PIR), which runs the .org domain registry, has been sold to private equity firm Ethos Capital, according to the registry’s parent organization, Internet Society. The price of the acquisition is still unknown.”

The Verge: Facebook will let nonprofits include a donate button on their Instagram profiles. “Facebook is launching three new product features to increase fundraising across its platforms: a new Instagram donation button, a fundraising sticker in Facebook, and the broader rollout of fundraising on Facebook gaming live streams.”


MakeUseOf: How to Download TikTok Videos on Desktop and Mobile . “TikTok is a treasure trove of bite-sized videos. And you may even have shared some TikTok videos with friends. But what if you’d like to download TikTok videos to watch later? In this article, we’ll show you how to download TikTok videos on desktop and mobile. Which is a lot easier than you might think.”


EdSurge: Creating Libraries for Online Students Is Harder Than You Think. “The Association of College & Research Libraries maintains in its ‘access entitlement principle,’ which functions as a sort of library bill of rights, that all students of an institution of higher education ‘are entitled to the library services and resources of that institution,’ including access to a librarian, regardless of location. But getting books to people spread across the world—and answering their research questions—is no simple task.”


Ubergizmo: You May Want To Think Twice Before Using Public USB Charging Stations. “If you travel a lot, you might have come across many public USB charging stations. However, next time, you should avoid using the public charging stations – said the Los Angeles District Attorney in a security alert published last week.” Will this be the news story that finally makes people quit laughing at me for carrying around a charged up Powergen? … probably not.

MIT Technology Review: Most Americans think they’re being constantly tracked—and that there’s nothing they can do. “It’s not just that Americans (correctly) think companies are collecting their data. They don’t like it. About 69% of Americans are skeptical that companies will use their private information in a way they’re comfortable with, while 79% don’t believe that companies will come clean if they misuse the information.”


University of Michigan: U-M, MDHHS launch one-stop website to guide safe pain treatment across Michigan and beyond. “The toolkit includes everything from evidence-based guides for how many opioid and nonopioid painkiller doses patients typically need after different types of operations to materials that can help guide conversations about tapering off of long-term opioid treatment in favor of other treatments. It also offers information about effective treatments for opioid use disorders, as well as resources for aiding clinicians to link patients to available services in Michigan.”

Science Daily: Computer scientists develop new tool that generates videos from themed text. “A global team of computer scientists, from Tsinghua and Beihang Universities in China, Harvard University in the US and IDC Herzliya in Israel, have developed ‘Write-A-Video,’ a new tool that generates videos from themed text. Using words and text editing, the tool automatically determines which scenes or shots are chosen from a repository to illustrate the desired storyline. The tool enables novice users to produce quality video montages in a simple and user-friendly manner that doesn’t require professional video production and editing skills.”

Nieman Lab: Artificial intelligence won’t kill journalism or save it, but the sooner newsrooms buy in, the better. “The robots aren’t taking over journalism jobs, but newsroom should adapt artificial intelligence technologies and accept that the way news is produced and consumed is changing, according to a new report by Polis, the media think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science.” Good morning, Internet…

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