WWII Photography, Google Messages, Google Trends, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, November 30, 2019

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Express & Star: Second World War photos to be preserved in Express & Star online archive. “Hundreds of historic photographs dating back to the Second World War will be the next to be preserved for future generations as part of the Express & Star photo archive project.” There is already a substantial amount of content in the archive, which is why it gets filed under New instead of Around.


9to5 Google: Latest Google Messages beta rolling out ‘Verified SMS’ to cut down on SMS spam. “The latest Google Messages beta is now rolling out ‘Verified SMS’ which is aimed at protecting you from unwanted spam text messages or potential phishing attempts.”


Towards Data Science: Reconstruct Google Trends Daily Data for Extended Period. “My motivation into this subject was first inspired by the Rossmann competition in Kaggle where google search trends were used to predict sales number. I found it not so obvious to obtain the daily search trends and people used the weekly trends as surrogate. However, it is not ideal for any predictive model which necessitate precision at daily scale and real-time applications (as weekly data will only be available until the current week ends).”


BuzzFeed News: Facebook Says Anonymous Pages Posting Coordinated Pro-Trump Content Do Not Break Its Rules. “The pages and their murky connections to a political candidate highlight the challenges in determining who is behind coordinated activity on Facebook, whose interest page networks may serve, and what does and doesn’t rise to the platform’s standard of ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior.’ The enforcement of that policy is a major focus going into next year’s US election, as Facebook works to prevent the rampant manipulation and inauthentic behavior that marred the 2016 campaign on the world’s largest social network.”

Gizmodo: Billionaire Buys ‘Climate Change’ On Google. “Data provided to Gizmodo by an SEO professional who asked to remain anonymous shows that Bloomberg is targeting more than 840 search terms that specifically reference climate with hundreds more that reference climate-adjacent terms.”

Techdirt: Google Stadia’s Claims For Streaming In 4K Seem… No, Just No. “Google’s Stadia product, the company’s bid to get gamers to give up their consoles and PC rigs and instead partake in Gaming as a Service, has had a rocky rollout to say the least. The service was already up against America’s pathetic broadband coverage and usage caps. Add to that the quite muted applause that came from press and public reviews, not to mention the Obamacare-like rollout of the product, and you have to wonder if this is the kind of hit to a product’s reputation that is at all recoverable.”


Courthouse News Service: Hacking Victims Seek Independent Audits of Facebook Data Security. “Four million Facebook users who had personal data exposed in a September 2018 data breach can team up in a fight to make the social media giant submit to independent audits of its data security measures, a federal judge ruled Tuesday night.”

Cherokee Phoenix: Tribe’s Historic Registry Act proposed at remaining tribal courthouse . “Inside the restored Saline District courthouse in Delaware County, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. announced the Cherokee Nation Historic Registry Act, a piece of legislation that provides a comprehensive framework to protect properties of historical significance to the tribe. CN officials have identified a preliminary list of 78 sites within the tribe’s jurisdiction, many not listed on the national registry.”

BBC: Rise of comic book piracy ‘a real problem’. “A comic book writer’s claim that the proliferation of piracy is “a real problem” has encouraged others in the industry to share their concerns. Jim Zub, who writes for Marvel and IDW, tweeted that 20 times as many people read comics illegally shared online, than pay for digital or physical works.”

Cartoon Brew: A New Youtube Rule Is Threatening Animation Content Creators. Here’s What You Need To Know About COPPA.. “In the past week, social media has been abuzz with talk about ‘COPPA,’ a law with potentially huge ramifications for Youtubers who create kids’ content — and indeed animators in general. Here’s what we know.”


Juneau Empire: Opinion: Gratitude for our libraries, museums and historians. “Thanksgiving has undergone several transitions — from its original expression of gratitude to over-commercialization to, more recently, its repudiation by those believing it represents an insensitive stereotype of Native Americans. Yet, nothing about human history is ever as simple as it appears. Recognition of what we did wrong, as well as what we did right, is part of understanding the nuance and complexity of history.” All you archivists, librarians, teachers, and other keepers of history, reach around and pat yourself on the back. You have a difficult and vital job.

Carnegie Mellon University: New Technology Makes Internet Memes Accessible for People With Visual Impairments. “People with visual impairments use social media like everyone else, often with the help of screen reader software. But that technology falls short when it encounters memes, which don’t include alternate text, or alt text, to describe what’s depicted in the image. To counter this, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a method to automatically identify memes and apply prewritten templates to add descriptive alt text, making them intelligible via existing assistive technologies.” Good morning, Internet…

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