Bauhaus, Vegan Cheeses, YouTube, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, December 02, 2019


Google Blog: 100 Years of Bauhaus on Google Arts & Culture. “One hundred years after the movement began in Germany, we’re still surrounded by Bauhaus ideas about art, technology and craftsmanship, which are reflected in Google Arts & Culture’s newest collection—’Bauhaus Everywhere’. The collection came together in partnership with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Germany—as part of our multi-year digitization collaboration—and six other partners including the IIT Institute of Design or the Guggenheim Museum.'”

Discovered via Reddit: a database of over 200 vegan cheeses. From the front page: “… whether you’re taking the first step in to the world of vegan and plant-based cheeses or you’re looking for a new favorite, we’re sure our discovery tool, guide, directory and news articles can help you in the right direction to vegan cheese heaven.”


MakeUseOf: The YouTube Shortcuts and Tips Cheat Sheet. “The cheat sheet contains keyboard shortcuts, URL shortcuts, and search operators. For YouTube creators we’ve added standard dimensions specified by YouTube for creating all types of graphics and videos.” Extensive!

Search Engine Journal: BERT Explained: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Algorithm . “BERT will impact around 10% of queries. It will also impact organic rankings and featured snippets. So this is no small change! But did you know that BERT is not just any algorithmic update, but also a research paper and machine learning natural language processing framework?” A webinar recap but also a deep dive.


AFP: China bans ‘fake news’ created with AI, bots. “The regulation published Friday by China’s cyberspace authority said that both providers and users of online video news and audio services are ‘not allowed’ to use new technologies such as deep learning and virtual reality to create, distribute and broadcast ‘fake news.'”

Ars Technica: Ubuntu 19.10: It’s fast, like “make old hardware feel new” fast. “Leaves are turning. Temperatures have dipped. These are sure signs—if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, at least—that Canonical’s Autumn release is upon us. Things are a bit different in 2019, however. Not only is Ubuntu 19.10 nicknamed Eoan Ermine (no, I don’t know how you pronounce it either), but it’s the best non-LTS Ubuntu release Canonical has ever put out.”

112 International: Entire territory of Ukraine will be digitized next year, – PM. “Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk said that the entire territory of Ukraine will be digitized next year. The PM wrote about this on his Facebook page. ‘The whole territory of Ukraine will be digitized next year! An international tender for the implementation of such aerial photography has already been announced. This means that Ukraine will have high-quality and accurate 3D models of forests, industrial facilities, as well as classifications of buildings, vegetation, power lines and much more,’ – said the prime minister.”


Foreign Affairs: Trapped in the Archives. “Did the United States have a hand in assassinating Congolese and Dominican leaders in 1961? What did President Richard Nixon’s White House know about a successful plot to kill the head of the Chilean army in 1970? After the Cold War ended, did top U.S. military commanders retain the authority to strike back if a surprise nuclear attack put the president out of commission? The answers to these and other historical mysteries are likely knowable—but they are locked in presidential libraries and government archives and inaccessible to researchers. The reason: the U.S. government’s system for declassifying and processing historical records has reached a state of crisis.” So important. Please read this.

Publishers Weekly: Educational Publishers File Suit to Block Sale of Pirated E-books. “According to the lawsuit filed in the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the pirate sites are selling unlicensed e-books using Google ads which they place in response to searches for the publishers’ legitimate content. While the lawsuit proceeds, the publishers, through the Educational Publishers Enforcement Group which brought the action, were granted a temporary restraining order that calls for the immediate shut down of the illegal activity on these sites, as well as the cessation of the services that support the sites.”


California Ancestors Blog: Speak Out Against Exorbitant Fees: Deadline is December 16. “The genealogy world is abuzz with news that U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) has proposed a sharp increase in fees for searches and copies of genealogical and historical records, beginning in 2020…. The records include naturalization certificates, alien registration forms, visa and registry files, and alien files (A-Files), all invaluable resources for researchers. The bureau already charges a nonrefundable $65 fee per search. It proposes to raise that search fee to an exorbitant $240—an increase of 269 percent.”

ProPublica: How People Are Using Our Chicago Parking Ticket Data in Their Research. “A few of them pointed me to aspects of the data that we had not addressed in our coverage. Kevin Lobo, a management consultant, explained how he analyzed the behavior of the Chicago police officers who wrote the most tickets. Wesley Skogan, a professor emeritus at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research, mused about the placement of parking meters throughout the city. Lots of people showed me their charts. The work I saw was rigorous, creative and heartening for the practice of sharing journalistic resources with the public at no cost.”


Mike Shouts: SwiftUI iPod Classic Project Brings iPod Classic Interface To Your iPhone. “Smartphone has changed the way we consume music. Its integration with our lives was slow, but seamless enough that we forgot how much we miss the iPod Classic. We didn’t how much we miss the good’ol iPod (and by extension, the good’ol Jobs-era Apple) until we saw the SwiftUI iPod Classic Project. So what the hell is SwiftUI iPod Classic Project? Oh, nothing much really. It is just an awesome app that turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic.” Good morning, Internet…

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