Wisconsin Fishing & Duck Lures, Medium, Michelle Obama, More: Tuesday Evening ResearchBuzz, January 7, 2020


New-to-me: a database of Wisconsin-affiliated fishing and duck lures. “[Gene] Davis said people are occasionally confused when they visit [his site]. They assume the images of more than 3,000 items posted are owned by the Marshall man and that all of the decoys and lures are for sale. His mission is more about providing information to other people, collectors or not, about the history of different Wisconsin-manufactured lures and decoys, not about making sales.”


Search Engine Roundtable: Medium Google Organic Traffic Takes A Beating. “It seems that Medium, the popular publishing platform, hasn’t been doing too well in Google over the past couple of months – especially since December. And it seems like it is getting worse. Some are saying the site has 40% declines in organic visibility from Google search.”

Variety: Michelle Obama Sets Launch of First Series on Instagram’s IGTV. “Michelle Obama is turning to Instagram’s IGTV video platform with a new series aimed at inspiring young people to plan for college careers by chronicling the experiences of first-year students.”


Junkee: Here Are A Bunch Of Good Causes And Businesses That Are Helping Out With The Bushfires. “As bushfires continue to rage across much of NSW, Victoria and South Australia, it’s easy to feel helpless. And while the government is flailing about trying to catch up with the crisis, there are a bunch of businesses, charities, and good causes that are doing their bit to help out.”

Poynter: How to use your phone to spot fake images surrounding the U.S.-Iran conflict. “Military conflicts — like the one that is sparking between the United States and Iran — are usually surrounded by false images and outdated videos that go viral on social media. It happened in Turkey the other day. To avoid that misinformation scenario, the International Fact-Checking Network developed a step-by-step guide to teach citizens how to verify images, from asking simple and rhetorical questions to using reverse image search on cell phones.”


The Sentinel: Bodo Sahitya Sabha-ASCOSYS signs MoU on preservation of culture. “For widespread dissemination and establishment of the Bodo language as a technical language the Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS) signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with ASCOSYS so as to save the culture, heritage and identity of the community.” If you’re looking for more information about Bodo, Omniglot has an overview..

Mixmag: How Instagram is changing the design of clubs and festivals. “It would be simplistic to put Instagram forward as a reason that ‘ravebox’ clubs, built on the traditional model of sensory deprivation rather than epic visual spectacle, have been in decline for the last decade, while – in the UK for example – epic, ‘tabula rasa’-style venues like Printworks and The Warehouse Project attract huge numbers. Not when there are factors like greedy developers, rising overheads and other changing habits to take into account. But when the ‘traditional’ club space, all sensory deprivation and communal experience, doesn’t fit the needs of much of the audience, it’s almost certainly a factor.”


ABC 7 Chicago: Downers Grove student creates sexual assault database for Illinois colleges. “A high school senior has created a sexual assault database for Illinois colleges and universities called Project Dandelion. Therese Malinowski, who is a senior at Downers Grove South, has already started the grueling college application process. Among her biggest concerns is campus safety, which is why she decided to create the database as part of her work as a Girl Scout.”


Social Europe: Escaping the inequality-data Dark Ages. “We are living in the Dark Ages of inequality statistics. More than a decade after the ‘Great Recession’, governments are still unable to track accurately the evolution of income and wealth. Statistical agencies produce income-growth statistics for the population as a whole (national accounts), but not for the ‘middle class’, the ‘working class’ or the richest 1 per cent and 0.1 per cent. At a time when Google, Facebook, Visa, Mastercard and other multinational corporations know intimate details about our private lives, governments still do not capture, let alone publish, the most basic statistics concerning the distribution of income and wealth.”

Ars Technica: China’s lander releases data, high-resolution images of the Moon. “A little more than one year ago, China’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft landed on the far side of the Moon. In doing so, it became the first-ever vehicle to make a soft landing on the side of the Moon facing away from Earth. To mark the one-year anniversary, China released a batch of scientific data and images captured by five scientific payloads aboard the 1.2-ton spacecraft and its small Yutu 2 rover.” Good evening, Internet…

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