Movie/TV Posters, Spotify, 2FA, More: Thursday ResearchBuzz, January 16, 2020


Reddit: I’ve created The Poster Database – A movie and tv show poster website containing over 35,000 high-quality posters. “The Poster Database is a custom-built platform for all posters lovers worldwide! We’re currently focusing on media items like Collections, Movies, and Shows but we have some rich plans for the future to expand even further and maybe throw some other goodies along the way 😉 With the launch back in August 2019, we’ve had amazing support from various communities help contribute to the site and bring us to where we are today with over 35K uploaded posters growing!!”


New York Post: Spotify is now making playlists for your pets. “Spotify can now generate playlists for your pets, with a new tool that claims to customize mixtapes to a critters’ species and personality traits.” I tried this but it did not work for me; got all the way to the end of the process of generating the playlist and then threw an error. I tend to listen to Spotify kind of erratically, though.

BetaNews: Now you can use your iPhone as a 2FA key for Google apps. “Two-factor authentication is a handy means of securing accounts, and now iPhone users are able to use their handsets as a security key for their Google accounts. An update to the Google Smart Lock app brings the functionality to Apple fans, several months after the feature was made available to Android users.”

Ars Technica: Mozilla lays off 70 people as non-search revenue fails to materialize. “Mozilla has laid off 70 people, TechCrunch reports. It’s a significant move for an organization that employs around 1,000 people worldwide. ‘You may recall that we expected to be earning revenue in 2019 and 2020 from new subscription products as well as higher revenue from sources outside of search,’ wrote Mozilla interim CEO Mitchell Baker in a memo to staff obtained by TechCrunch. ‘This did not happen.'”


Tara Thueson: How I Organize My Photos Using Google Photos. “Sure, smartphones have given us the convenience of having a camera with us at all times but it’s also super inconvenient to have one zillion photos to sort through. We thought we had escaped the storage nightmare of shoeboxes that our mothers employed, but this may be worse IMO. While there are a TON of options out there, my favorite solution for storing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos is Google Photos.” Nice walkthroughs.

Steemhunt: GooFonts – Clear and simple search for suitable Google Fonts. “It’s not that easy to find a suitable font in Google Fonts, because the names of the fonts don’t have a statement about the result. Now GooFonts can help, here you can search with corresponding tags in the 974 fonts.” This is a very brief mention, but the only other useful thing I could find about GooFonts was a story in German which was stubborn about translating.

ZDNet: How to switch from Windows 7 to Chrome OS CloudReady. “Yesterday, a friend asked what he should do since Windows 7 has come to the end of its supported life. I asked him what he uses his computer for. He replied, ‘Email and Facebook.’ He added that he has no interest in moving to Windows 10. He’s far from the only one. About one in five users have stuck with Windows 7 to the bitter end. And, really, for his purposes, who can blame him? For him, Windows 7 just works. So, rather than try to convince him to move to Linux, I suggested he consider Neverware’s Chrome OS variant, CloudReady. Here’s how to do it.”


ZDNet: Meet the new Microsoft Edge: Your move, Google. “In 1995, at the dawn of the Internet era, Marc Andreessen famously predicted that his rocket ship of a startup, Netscape Communications Corporation, would soon reduce Windows to ‘a poorly debugged set of device drivers.’ Netscape is, alas, long gone, and Andreessen’s bold assertion is just a footnote in the great book of Internet Quotes, but it eventually came true. Sort of.”


The Verge: Sen. Ron Wyden calls for an investigation of the ad-blocking industry. “On Tuesday, one of the Senate’s fiercest tech critics, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), called on regulators requesting that they investigate the ad-blocking industry for anti-competitive behavior. For years now, some of the largest tech firms have paid ad-blocking companies like Eyeo, which owns Adblock Plus, to avoid the software’s restrictions and have their ads displayed on devices. In 2015, a report from the Financial Times showed that companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google were paying out ad blockers so that they could be added to a whitelist to avoid the software’s filters.”


Mashable: I deepfaked myself into a bunch of popular GIFs and the results are sincerely cursed. “A new app called Doublicat allows users personalize GIFs by morphing their own faces onto them, commonly known online as a deepfake. I, a true trailblazer at heart, decided to take on the mission of trying out Doublicat, just so y’all can know what you’re getting into. You can thank me (or hate me) later.” #5 literally made me shriek out loud.

DigitalNC: We Can Do Better: Making Our Metadata More Equitable. “Over the last few months I’ve been working on a pilot project that looks at how NCDHC staff have portrayed women through metadata (the information that accompanies the images on DigitalNC) over time. This is a small step towards finding unconscious bias in our work and making our metadata more equitable. I’ve accumulated some interesting examples, and I thought I’d share them here.”

CNET: TikTok was downloaded more than Facebook and Messenger in 2019. “For TikTok, 2019 closed with ominous news: Both the US Army and Navy banned it on the grounds of security concerns. But that doesn’t change the fact that 2019 was a slam dunk year for the Chinese social media app. With over 700 million downloads around the world, according to data firm Sensor Tower, it was the second most downloaded app of the year. It beat both Facebook (just under 700 million downloads) and Facebook Messenger (just over 700 million downloads).” Good morning, Internet…

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