North Carolina Newspapers, New York City Buildings, Google Sheets, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, January 17, 2020


DigitalNC: Newspapers from Northampton County Now Online. “One of our goals is to increase representation of counties and communities that are under-represented on DigitalNC. Most recently we’ve been focusing on around 10 counties; one of these is Northampton County. Today we’re happy to have added newspapers from that county, thanks to an inquiry from the Northampton County Museum.”

Architectural Digest: Urban Archive Brings New York’s Fascinating Hidden History to Life. “Wondering where the oldest standing farmhouse is? Or what was on the patch of land now occupied by the main branch of the New York Public Library? Or even what building used to be right where that newly built condominium exists now? Urban Archive, the just-launched website version of a popular app created in 2017, has some fascinating answers. Working with about 60 New York institutions, Urban Archive, a nonprofit startup, has to date mapped 91,351 images across 34,977 locations throughout the city’s five boroughs.”


CBR: Forced Google Sheets Migration Leaves Users Fuming Over Broken Services. “Developers are up in arms over a forced migration to version four of Google Sheets in March 2020, saying the migration breaks numerous functionalities…. A key feature used by programmers in Google Sheets v3 was the ability to run structured queries on Sheets that returned only matching rows.”

Reuters: Which company just hit $1 trillion? Google it.. “As Google-parent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) became on Thursday the fourth U.S. company to top a market value of more than $1 trillion, some funds holding its shares are wondering whether now is the time to cash in on the stock’s extraordinary gains.”

Google Blog: Manage audio and video in Chrome with one click. “We’ve all been there: You have lots of tabs open and one of them starts playing a video, but you can’t figure out which one. Or you’re listening to music in your browser in the background and want to change the song without stopping your work to find the right tab. With Chrome’s latest update, it’s now easier to control audio and video in your browser. Just click the icon in the top right corner of Chrome on desktop, open the new media hub and manage what’s playing from there.”


ZDNet: Google removes WhatsGap from app store. “Search engine giant Google has removed popular Hong Kong pro-democracy mapping app WhatsGap from its app store. WhatsGap is an app used to identify retailers that are in support of Hong Kong’s democracy. Google told ZDNet the removal of WhatsGap was sparked by ‘sensitive content’ that was being published on the app.”

Route Fifty: They Were Promised Broadband and High-Tech Jobs. They’re Still Waiting.. “Kentucky’s plan to bring broadband to remote parts of the state has sputtered and its future looks increasingly bleak. State leaders told rural residents it would create better business opportunities. But instead, they keep getting left behind.”


Web Informant: A field guide to Iran’s hacking groups. “Iran has been in the news alot lately. And there have been some excellent analyses of the various hacking groups that are sponsored by the Iranian state government. Most of us know that Iran has hacked numerous businesses over the years, including numerous banks, the Bowman Dam in New York in 2013, the Las Vegas Sands hotel in 2014, various universities and government agencies and even UNICEF. When you review all the data, you begin to see the extent of its activities.”


Government News (Australia): Shade mapping tool helps pedestrians dodge heat. “With the mercury recently hitting 45C in Bendigo, Council has adopted a new tool which helps residents seek out routes with the most shade coverage and avoid the heat. The Shadeways tool, developed by researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, uses satellite imagery to generate a ‘temperature likelihood’ monitor. By analysing surfaces and vegetation type, it creates an urban heat map and generates suggested shaded routes.”

CNET: New AI dog trainer uses computer vision and a treat launcher. “Dog training generally requires a human dog trainer, but what if it didn’t and delivered better results? That’s the promise of a startup called Companion Labs that has unveiled its first AI-driven dog-training machine in conjunction with the San Francisco SPCA.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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