Vico Magistretti, Indiana Bird Trails, Apple Tech History, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, January 17, 2020


Floornature: 100 years of Vico Magistretti – 1920/2020. “The new year started with an important event for the Fondazione Studio Museo Vico Magistretti: on January 7, the website of Studio Magistretti’s digital archive went online. The database contains more than 30,000 accessible documents and over 450 projects designed by the Milanese architect, a geo-localised map of his architectures and 10 research roadmaps across the entire archive’s contents.”

South Bend Tribune: The new Indiana Birding Trail leads you to hottest spots for nature. “The Indiana Audubon Society has created a new website… and printed booklet to help experienced birders plan trips in areas they hadn’t yet explored, with specific trails to try, maps and public amenities.”

9to5Mac: The Unofficial Apple Archive is on a mission to save Apple history and inspire new creators. “‘I totally forgot that Rihanna was used as the track for an iPad 2 guided tour. What a weird year.’ Sam Henri Gold was giving me a progress update on what would eventually become The Apple Archive. He had just made it to 2011. Compiled from hundreds of videos and images spanning Apple’s near 44-year history, the collection is believed to be one of the largest of its kind ever made available. It launches today.”

Government Publishing Office: GPO Digitizes Historical Editions of U.S. Government Manual. “The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has digitized historical editions of the U.S. Government Manual (the Manual), the Government’s official handbook of agency organization for all three branches of Government. Years 1935–1994 of the Manual are now freely accessible and available on govinfo, the one-stop site for authentic, published Government information.”


TechCrunch: YouTube launches Profile cards that show a user’s comment history. “Last September, YouTube began testing a new feature called profile cards, which showed a user’s public information and comment history on the current channel. The feature was touted as a way for creators to more easily identify their biggest fans by offering easy access to their past comments. Now, YouTube is launching the product to the general public, initially on Android.”


The Verge: Twitter’s Jack Dorsey on edit button: ‘We’ll probably never do it’. “Twitter users have been asking for the option to edit tweets ever since the service launched in 2006, but the company has always prevaricated, saying it’s looking into the problem, or considering it deeply, or a hundred other ways of saying ‘please stop bothering us about this, please.’ Now, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has given perhaps the most definitive answer on the question to date.”

Editor & Publisher: New RJI Project Seeks to Preserve Digital Archives. “Fearful that future generations could lose historical recordings, footage, and stories, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) and the University of Missouri (MU) Libraries are working together to ensure the survival of today’s digital news with the help of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and a $250,000 grant.”

Yale Daily News: Nazi archive managers plan collab. “Staff from the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale — a collection of 4,400 video testimonies of Nazi persecution witnesses — joined with those from the Arolsen Archives — the largest paper collection of Nazi persecution victims, which is housed in Bad Arolsen, Germany. The two groups are looking to create a data service that brings the two libraries together. They said they hope to create a virtual interactive lab that adds to records found in the Arolsen Archives.”


ZDNet: Critical bugs in WordPress plugins InfiniteWP, WP Time Capsule expose 320,000 websites to attack. “The pair, used to manage multiple WordPress websites from one server and create backups for files and database entries when updates are issued, were examined by cybersecurity researchers from WebArx who found ‘logical issues in the code that allows you to login into an administrator account without a password.'”

Techdirt: Carve It All Up: Compumark Report Shows Trademark Registrations, Claims Of Infringement Both Rising Fast. “As we’ve talked about for some time, one of the long-tail effects of the increased use of intellectual property in American culture has been the supercharging effect it’s had on fomenting a permission culture in general. This effect is compounding, as permission culture breeds IP protectionism, which breeds permission culture. The overall effect this has is to cause far too many people to believe that everything that exists can be owned and controlled.”


Georgia Tech: Ivan Allen College Archive Project Receives Nearly $100,000 from NEH. “The Ivan Allen Archive Project at the Georgia Institute of Technology has received a two-year, $99,991 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to fund the integration of large-scale text processing and data visualization capabilities into the open-source Omeka platform. The grant, announced Jan. 14 by the NEH, will fund further refinement of an existing suite of plug-ins developed by Georgia Tech faculty and students that enables machine-assisted data analysis and social network graphing. The eventual goal is to release the extended toolkit for use by academic and community researchers free of charge.”

Mashable: The Human Screenome Project wants to record everything we do on our smartphones. “Three Stanford University professors announced in Nature Wednesday that they had undertaken an intensive new study of the way humans interact with our devices. They call it the Human Screenome Project, a name that nods to the famous Human Genome Project, a 13-year-long international scientific undertaking that successfully mapped human DNA.” Good morning, Internet…

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