Oze National Park, Google Collections, Firefox Extensions, More: Thursday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, January 23, 2020


The Asahi Shimbun: Sublime scenes in Oze National Park on Google Street View. “Not everybody is able to visit Oze National Park straddling Gunma, Fukushima, Niigata and Tochigi prefectures, but now the magnificent landscape of two popular destinations there is available on Google Street View. The service allows viewers to take in the sights as if they were actually on site. They can also take a virtual stroll on a wooden causeway by switching images on the website.”


Google Blog: A fresh way to revisit your online finds in Google Search. “Today, we’re launching some changes to Collections in Search to make it easier to jump back into your task without digging through your search history. Last year, we created activity cards in Search to make your search history more useful, and to help you pick up where you left off. Using AI, Collections in the Google app and mobile web now groups similar pages you’ve visited from Search related to activities like cooking, shopping and hobbies. You can choose to save these suggested collections so you can come back to them later.”


Make Tech Easier: 7 Best Firefox Extensions You Need to Use in 2020. “Ever since Firefox got its huge ‘Quantum’ update back in 2018, Mozilla’s popular browser has been on a resurgence. It’s faster than ever, and the back-end overhaul meant that extension developers had to redesign their apps to work with Firefox Quantum. Now that the dust has settled, there are tons of smoothly functioning Firefox extensions for you in 2020. Here are our picks for the best Firefox extensions you can use.” UNDO CLOSE TAB.

MakeUseOf: How to Customize Your LinkedIn Feed. “A large percentage of the LinkedIn userbase use LinkedIn as an online resume. And that’s it. Despite its social media capabilities, people don’t always make full use of its tools. One of these tools is the LinkedIn Feed, which is a robust way of keeping track of posts from people in your industry. If you want to make full use of LinkedIn, here’s how to customize your LinkedIn feed to its maximum potential.”


City A.M.: Privacy ‘cannot be a luxury good’, says Google boss Sundar Pichai. “Privacy ‘cannot be a luxury good’, Google’s chief executive said today, while vowing his company would protect its users’ information. Sundar Pichai, who also leads parent company Alphabet, said privacy was ‘at the heart of what we do’.”

CNN: This social network wants you to interact IRL, but may spark a new privacy concern. “For many people, social media is synonymous with endless scrolling, constant distractions and blatant attempts to rack up comments, likes and views. But Justin Fuisz is betting on a different kind of social network — one that prioritizes real-life interactions with your good friends. On Octi, the social network that Fuisz and his team launched on Wednesday, the primary way for users to connect with each other is in person.”


Nebraska TV: Proposed bill would create statewide database for public health data. “The bill’s text says the act would create a data infrastructure to maintain electronic health records, where health experts could collect and analyze public health information. LB1058’s text says it would give the Legislature, the Department of Health and Human Services and health care providers accurate information regarding the cost, access and quality of health care in Nebraska.”

BetaNews: 0patch releases micropatch for Internet Explorer vulnerability — including for Windows 7. “At the end of last week, a serious vulnerability was discovered in Internet Explorer, affecting all versions of Windows. Not only is the bug (CVE-2020-0674) being actively exploited, but for Windows 7 users the vulnerability was exposed right after their operating system reached the end of its life. Even for users of newer versions of Windows, and despite the severity of the security flaw, Microsoft said it would not be releasing a patch until February. Stepping in to plug the gap comes 0patch with a free micropatch for all versions of Windows affected by the vulnerability.” Third party patches make me wary (this is not because of 0patch, but just in general) but if you don’t want to wait until February…


9 News Australia: New map shows impact of fires on fruit and nut farms. “A new map shows how fires have impacted some of Australia’s fruit and nut industry. Scientists have released the map, which shows avocado, mango, olive, banana, macadamia and citrus orchards that have been hit by the bushfire crisis, and those which have been spared.”

CNET: Google and Amazon make us worse people. “Let me show you a magic trick. Make a choice — any choice. You’re already online, so maybe you want to read the news, check your email, surf your newsfeed, buy some food or any other number of things. Now for the trick, I’m going to tell you the companies that facilitated whatever choice you just made. It was almost certainly Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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