Slovenian Movies, Genome Reference, Zoroastrian Manuscripts, More: Thursday Evening ResearchBuzz, January 23, 2020


Slovenian Film Centre: The box-office ratings of Slovenian films are on the increase, while the Slovenian Film Database and Slovenian Film Theatre will further promote Slovenian film with the national audience. “Access to comprehensive information about the national film and audiovisual creativity is of crucial importance for the development of film culture and knowledge. To this end, the Slovenian Film Database, supported by the SFC, has been created in cooperation with Filmoteka, the institute for the promotion of film culture.” The database has a version in English; just look for the EN link on the right of the menu bar.

News Medical: Genome reference database can help predict disease-linked gene variants more accurately. “Most diseases have a genetic component. To better understand disease, researchers led by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research are analysing genetic information to determine what keeps us healthy. In a world first, the team has compiled a genome reference database of thousands of healthy older Australians, which has the potential to predict disease-linked gene variants more accurately than has been previously possible.”

Asian and African Studies Blog (British Library): Zoroastrian collections in the British Library. “In the past few years several of our manuscripts have become familiar through exhibitions such as Everlasting Flame: Zoroastrianism in History and Imagination held at SOAS (2013) and New Delhi (2016) and also through the Zoroastrian articles and collection items included in our recent website Discovering Sacred Texts. Building on this and thanks to the philanthropic support of Mrs Purviz Rusy Shroff, we have now been able to complete digitisation of the whole collection. This introductory post outlines the history of the collection and is intended as the first in a series highlighting the collection as the manuscripts go live during the next few months.”


Neowin: This free app lets you bring back Google Play update notifications. “In a bid to reduce the unnecessary notification clutter, the Google Play app no longer shows notifications after app updates have been installed. While this may not be a considerable factor for many users, it is expected that some people would still prefer to be notified after the successful installation of apps on their phones. Reddit user u/farmerbb decided to take the matter into his hands and wrote an app to restore Google Play’s missing app update notifications.”


Send2Press: Women and The Vote NYS Initiative Honors State Suffragists (PRESS RELEASE). “Women and the Vote NYS announces that a new initiative, timed to coincide with the 19th Amendment Centennial, is being launched to develop a mobile-friendly online database with interactive map of gravesites across New York State of the suffragists who worked tirelessly to bring about women’s right to vote.”

Voice of America: Amid Virtual News Blackout, Lebanese Protests Default to Social Media. ” From Hong Kong to Iraq to Chile, massive street protests have erupted in recent months over frustration with political injustice, widespread unemployment and corruption. But in Lebanon, where most media outlets have strong political leanings, the largest anti-government protests in decades have been unfolding amid a virtual blackout of domestic news-media coverage.”

Mashable: SF Pride voted to ban Google, YouTube. But it’s more complicated than that.. “Members of San Francisco Pride (SF Pride), the organization behind the city’s famous pride parade and festival, voted last week to remove Google and YouTube as sponsors and participants in future celebrations, citing what some voting members of the organization perceived to be inadequate protection from homophobia, racism, and harassment on Google’s platforms, particularly YouTube.”


Decipher: New Tool Detects Indicators Of Compromise For Citrix Systems. “The new tool scans affected systems to look for known indicators of compromise that have emerged from exploitation attempts seen in the wild. The scanner works on several versions of the Citrix ADC and Gateway, including 11.1, 12.0, 12.1, 10.5, and 13.0. Citrix is releasing permanent patches for the vulnerability over the course of this week, and already has pushed out fixes for versions 11.1 and 12.0. Patches for the other affected versions are scheduled for release on Jan. 24.”


BBC: Mummy returns: Voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest brought to life. “When Nesyamun died, his voice fell silent, but 3,000 years on, a team of researchers have brought it back to life. They have done so by producing a 3D-printed voice box based Nesyamun’s vocal tract, which was scanned to establish its precise dimensions. By using the vocal tract with an artificial larynx sound, they synthesised a vowel sound meant to be similar to the voice of Nesyamun.”

Science Bulletin: Interdisciplinary study reveals new insights into the evolution of sign languages. “A new study, published in Royal Society Open Science, sheds light on the origins and evolution of European sign languages. Using phylogenetic network methods to compare dozens of sign languages, the scholars identify five main European sign language lineages that dispersed to other parts of the world beginning in the late 18th century.” Good evening, Internet…

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