Utah Wildlife Migration, Struggling Coffee Farms, Tech Industry, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, March 8, 2020

Americans on Daylight Savings Time: HEY! Make sure your clocks are right.


KSL: New website allows people to look at Utah’s wildlife migration patterns. “Since the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Wildlife Migration Initiative launched in 2017, nearly 3,000 animals have been tracked over more than 15 million locations. Some of the information gathered from the research is now available for the public to see online.” Regular readers of ResearchBuzz might be saying, “Didn’t you just do a thing about wildlife migration in Utah?” I did in October, but that was just waterfowl.

Daily Coffee News: MarginalisedFarmers. Org Connects Consumers to Beans Grown On Farms in Need. “In a perfect world, prices paid for all green coffee would meet or exceed costs of production and premiums would always be awarded for quality, yet in reality not all farms suffer equally in a grossly imbalanced, neocolonial trading system that leaves most struggling to stay afloat from year to year. So, if a consumer wants to spend money specifically in support of smaller farms on the brink of collapse, where can they shop?”


CNET: Big Tech companies to pay hourly workers affected by coronavirus. “Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Apple will continue to pay hourly workers who can’t do their jobs remotely even as big technology companies urge their full-time staff to work from home in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

BuzzFeed News: Etsy Just Removed All Coronavirus-Themed Merchandise. “On Wednesday afternoon, Etsy removed all items mentioning the coronavirus or COVID-19 after hundreds of merchants posted or tagged items related to the outbreak on the site.”


The First News: Photographer lovingly restores photos of 1930s Warsaw and the results are stunning. “Remarkable colourised photos of pre-war Warsaw show the beautiful side of the city before its complete devastation. Photographer and IT specialist Mariusz Zając took old photos and videos he found online and using only his computer and several programs brought Warsaw of the 30s back to life.”

New York Times: How to Make Money in Your Sleep. “Many fledgling creators dream of waking up to viral fame and riches. Now that dream is beginning to look a lot like reality. Hundreds of TikTok users have begun live-streaming themselves overnight, while they sleep. Brian Hector, 18, did it just last week. Thousands of people tuned in. Some even donated to him.” Like anyone wants to listen to me snoring.

Wired: Russia Is Learning How to Bypass Facebook’s Disinfo Defenses. “Since Russia’s stunning influence operations during the 2016 United States presidential race, state and federal officials, researchers, and tech companies have been on high alert for a repeat performance. With the 2020 election now just seven months away, though, newly surfaced social media posts indicate that Russia’s Internet Research Agency is adapting its methods to circumvent those defenses.”

Refinery29: How An Unlikely Instagram Trend Is Bringing Together Gen Z, Boomers, & Everyone In Between. “At the top of a new decade, slime is more than just a toy or an Instagram trend. It has the potential to be a fixture in trendy offices and bedside tables everywhere. But it has a long way to go: Slime sellers will tell you their customers on Etsy are mostly parents looking to feed the habits of their 8 to 12-year olds. But the people behind Instagram’s many slime accounts say that it’s teenagers and young adults who make up the bulk of slime’s online audience.”


Bleeping Computer: Zero-Day Bug Allowed Attackers to Register Malicious Domains. “A zero-day vulnerability impacting Verisign and several SaaS services including Google, Amazon, and DigitalOcean allowed potential attackers to register .com and .net homograph domain names (among others) that could be used in insider, phishing, and social-engineering attacks against organizations.”

Montana Public Radio: Montana GOP Files Complaint Over Bullock’s Social Media Use. “The Montana GOP has lodged an ethics complaint against Gov. Steve Bullock alleging he used state resources during his run for president last year. The Montana Republican Party alleges Bullock used a Twitter and Facebook account for both official and campaign purposes in violation of state law.”

The Register: Don’t be fooled, experts warn, America’s anti-child-abuse EARN IT Act could burn encryption to the ground . “On Thursday, a bipartisan group of US senators introduced legislation with the ostensible purpose of combating child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online – at the apparent cost of encryption.”


Phys .org: Scientists break Google’s quantum algorithm. “The celebrated approach taken by Google in QAOA has sparked vast commercial interest and ignited a global research community to explore novel applications. Yet, little is known about the ultimate performance limitations of Google’s QAOA algorithm. A team of scientists from Skoltech’s Deep Quantum Laboratory took up this contemporary challenge. The all-Skoltech team led by Prof. Jacob Biamonte discovered and quantified what appears to be a fundamental limitation in the widely adopted approach initiated by Google.” Good morning, Internet…

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