Freelance Artists, ICANN, Braille Keyboard, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, April 18, 2020


Artnet: Are You an Artist Looking for Work? This New Website Wants to Connect You With Paying Customers Hungry to Learn How to Make Art. “[The site] is designed to work similarly to TaskRabbit or Fiverr, websites that link gig workers to employers looking for people to do one-off jobs. It invites photographers, dancers, and website designers, among those in other disciplines, to sell their skills and knowledge to anyone looking for art lessons, or even to buy artworks. It’s free to sign up, and unlike other sites, HireArtists doesn’t collect a fee.”


The Register: ICANN delays .org sell off after California’s attorney general intervenes at last minute, tears non-profit a new one over sale. “ICANN has again delayed a decision on the sale of the .org registry, pushing the issue off for another month multiple sources with knowledge of Thursday’s meeting, have told The Register. The organization’s board of directors was due to decide [Thursday] on whether to approve the $1.13bn sale of the .org domain from the Internet Society to private equity firm Ethos Capital, but a last-minute letter from California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra appears to have upended the plan.”

CNET: Google debuts a braille keyboard for vision-impaired Android users . “Braille has been helping the blind and vision-impaired to read and communicate for more than 150 years. Now Google wants to help blind and vision-impaired Android users put braille to work on their smartphones.”

ZDNet: Mapzen open-source mapping project revived under the Urban Computing Foundation. “The Mapzen open-source mapping platform has a hard history. On the one hand, Mapzen, which is based on OpenStreetMap, is used by over 70,000 developers and it’s the backbone of such mapping services as , Remix and Carto. But, as a business, Mapzen failed in 2018. Mapzen’s code and service lived on as a Linux Foundation Project. Now, it’s moved on to the Urban Computing Foundation (UCF), another Linux Foundation group with more resources. UCF is devoted to helping create smarter cities, multimodal transportation, and autonomous vehicles.”

Tom’s Guide: Huge Google Chrome upgrade will put an end to tab insanity. “We’ve all been there: You have dozens of Google Chrome tabs open at once, and you completely lost track of the one you really need right now. Fortunately, Google has a new solution to our collective tab hoarding problem. As spotted by Laptop Mag, Google’s new Tab Groups feature is rolling out in the Chrome 81 build of the popular web browser. This feature lets you group up tabs as if they were files in a folder, allowing you to have discrete labels for each.”


Towards Data Science: Shakespeare Meets Google’s Flax. “Google Researcher introduced Flax, a new rising star in Machine Learning, a few months ago. A lot has happened since then and the pre-release has improved tremendously. My own experiments with CNNs on Flax are bearing fruit and I am still amazed about the flexibility compared to Tensorflow. Today I will show you an application of RNNs in Flax: Character-Level Language Model.”

PC Magazine: Got Something to Say? How to Go Live on TikTok, Facebook, and More. “Going live on social media used to be left mainly to celebrities and influencers. But with so many people in quarantine, the need to connect means our apps are now filled with friends baking bread, singing karaoke, and leading yoga sessions in real time. If you’ve considered giving it a go, now is the time. There’s not much to worry about as far as quality goes when late-night hosts are doing low-budget broadcasts, we’re meeting the press in their homes, and Wendy Williams has basically turned her show into a daily mukbang.”

Search Engine Journal: The Best Twitter Plugins Your WordPress Site Needs. “There’s no shortage of plugins out there promising seamless Twitter and WordPress integration, but not all plugins are created equal. Here are some of the best Twitter plugins for WordPress today.”


SupChina: Chinese Nationalists And Thai Meme-Creators Face Off On Twitter. “When Thai actor Vachirawit Chivaaree retweeted a photo of Hong Kong last week, he didn’t intend to set off a Thai-China political dispute. But what happened next was one part dystopian sci-fi, and one part a regular occurrence in the age of Chinese nationalist trolls: They attacked. He apologized. And a bizarre sequence of events happened. Here’s how the saga unfolded.”


BetaNews: Mirai botnet 20x more likely to be found on home networks than corporate ones. “With greater numbers than ever working remotely due to the coronavirus crisis, there’s increased focus on the security risks posed by home networks. New research from BitSight, based on analysis of over more than 41,000 organizations, reveals that networks used to work from home are 3.5 times more likely to have malware present than the traditional corporate network.”

New Haven Register: Veterans group continues legal battle over discharge records. “A veterans group is continuing to sue the Pentagon over access to military discharge records despite a federal judge’s recent dismissal of the case. The National Veterans Legal Services Program said Tuesday that it filed its intent to bring the case to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The group represents former service members who want to upgrade a less-than-honorable discharge. Such a status can sometimes result in a loss of veterans benefits.”


Phys .org: Students often do not question online information, study finds. “The Internet and social media are among the most frequently used sources of information today. Students, too, often prefer online information rather than traditional teaching materials provided by universities. According to a study conducted by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and Goethe University Frankfurt, students struggle to critically assess information from the Internet and are often influenced by unreliable sources.” Good morning, Internet…

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