North Korea Art, WWII Letters, Patch Tuesday, More: Saturday ResearchBuzz, June 13, 2020


NK News: New website sheds light on “weird and wonderful” contemporary North Korean art. “The site, which also has an Instagram, showcases the private collection of South African doctoral candidate Ruehl Muller, who writes that all pieces are from the Korean Art Studio, ‘a fresh, contemporary art institution modeled on Mansudae,’ a reference to the DPRK’s most well-known art production house.”

Columbia Missourian: SHSMO concludes digitalizing World War II letter collection. “Staffers and volunteers at the State Historical Society of Missouri finished the almost four-year process this month, according to a SHSMO press release. The selection contains texts written by more than 3,000 people, men and women, from every state of the country. They were transcribed and scanned to the SHSMO website with the goal of making the work of researchers, scholars and visitors easier.”


The Register: Wailing Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday as versions of Windows 10 stop playing nicely with plugged-in printers . “Windows 10 users woke up to borked printers following the monthly Microsoft bugfix party, Patch Tuesday. The issues appear connected to KB4557957 and KB4560960 for Windows 10 2004 and 1903/1909 respectively.”


Columbia Academic Commons: Visualizing Archival Collections for Fun and (Non)Profit Using Google Data Studio. “Presentation delivered at Code4Lib 2020, Pittsburgh, 11 March 2020. The presentation used archival collections data from Columbia University’s distinctive collections to demonstrate the effectiveness of Google Data Studio combined with other data manipulation tools to visualize collections data in meaningful ways. The presentation discussed some of the pros and cons of this approach and suggested institutional scenarios for which it could be a good fit.”

Social Media Examiner: Chatbot Strategy: How to Improve Your Marketing With Bots. “Wondering if your business should start using chatbots? Looking for tips on what chatbots can do and how to set them up? To explore how to improve your marketing with bots, I interview Natasha Takahashi on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Natasha is a chat marketing expert and co-founder of School of Bots, the leading training site for creating profitable chatbots. She’s also host of the 10 Minute Chatbot Marketer podcast. You’ll discover six ways to use bots in your Facebook marketing and find tips for developing a chatbot strategy. You’ll also learn uses for chatbots outside of Facebook Messenger.” Podcast with extensive article.

The Next Web: Am I queer enough? How to find your Pride online. “Before June, I was a technology journalist. Now I’m a queer journo. It’s not an official distinction. I’m not getting paid for it, but I sure am being taxed. My time is taxed when I’m forced to choose between using my voice to advance the struggle for queer equality or focusing on personal endeavors like my career and family. And my time is also taxed by bigots whether I ignore, engage, or attempt to educate them. It’s been 14 days, and if it weren’t for Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and thousands of online reporters, bloggers, and activists I’d be lost already. I’m not even sure if I’m queer enough for Pride.”


CNET: Employee who protested Facebook’s stance on Trump posts fired over tweet. “Facebook fired an employee who protested the social network’s hands-off approach to President Donald Trump’s controversial posts after he publicly called out another employee’s ‘inaction’ in a tweet.”

The Art Newspaper: Museum world rallies behind curator investigated for tweets on how to damage bronze statues. “UK arts professionals are voicing support for Madeline Odent, a curator at the Royston and District Museum and Art Gallery in Hertfordshire, who sparked controversy after discussing on social media substances that could be used to damage bronze statues. Odent posted a series of tweets to her personal account after Black Lives Matter demonstrators toppled a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol and historic statues worldwide come under scrutiny.”

NBC News: ‘Dead’ links and ‘missing’ systemic changes: Inside Google’s response to the George Floyd protests. “Ten current and former Google employees spoke to NBC News about the internal dynamics at the company on the condition of anonymity because of strict company policies against speaking to news organizations, as well as non-disclosure agreements signed by ex-employees. The sources pointed to rising complaints from some black Google employees about how the company has responded to the ongoing protests in support of racial justice and against police violence, exacerbated by what they see as the company’s retreat on diversity and inclusion initiatives.”


Reuters: Google sues Sonos, escalating wireless speaker battle amid trade panel probe. “Google filed a lawsuit accusing home speaker maker Sonos Inc (SONO.O) of infringing five of its patents, escalating tensions between the partners that have already led to a U.S. International Trade Commission probe.”

CNN: Facebook hit by antitrust scrutiny after buying a site for GIFs. “The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority announced Friday it was looking into whether Facebook’s recent acquisition of Giphy ‘may be expected to result in a substantial lessening of competition within any market or markets in the United Kingdom for goods or services.'”


ScienceBlog: Researchers Mimic Nature For Fast, Colorful 3D Printing. “Brilliantly colored chameleons, butterflies, opals – and now some 3D-printed materials – reflect color by using nanoscale structures called photonic crystals. A new study that demonstrates how a modified 3D-printing process provides a versatile approach to producing multiple colors from a single ink is published in the journal Science Advances.” Good morning, Internet…

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