Women Architects, Mozilla VPN, Facebook, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, June 20, 2020


ArchDaily: Rebelarchitette Releases a New Public Women Architects World Map. “Rebelarchitette has created a new tool that aims to detox architecture from inequalities, an interactive public world map showcasing 732 outstanding women architects from all over the world.”


BetaNews: Firefox Private Network VPN renamed to Mozilla VPN and priced at $5 per month. “Mozilla is a company that I trust more than some others (I trust no person or company 100 percent, however!) thanks to its respectable data privacy principles. That is why I surf the web with Firefox whenever I can. That company has been beta-testing a VPN service of its own called ‘Firefox Private Network VPN’. Yeah, that name stinks as it is too wordy. Thankfully, the company has wisely decided to rename it to the much cleaner ‘Mozilla VPN.’ In addition, we learn how much the VPN service will eventually cost — $4.99 a month.”

NME: Facebook launches interactive app for fans to comment on live events in real time. “Facebook has launched a new app that acts as a second screen for fans to comment on live events and engage with others watching. Venue, described as ‘the companion app to live events’, arrives days after Facebook announced Collab, a short-form music video app that allows users to overlay up to three recordings at a time to create remote musical collaborations.”


Texas Monthly: 14 Resources for Teaching Your Kids About Racial Injustice. “We’ve talked about racism and the history of violence against African Americans that extends to this day, and their teachers have led discussions on tolerance, fairness, and inclusiveness. Still, as the questions keep coming along with a need for more understanding, I turned to the minds behind the state’s African American Studies high school elective, which was based on an initiative conceived by board member Aicha Davis and piloted in Dallas schools last school year. This past fall, when the Texas State Board of Education was considering implementing the class, students testified to the course’s benefits. Not only did it help them understand more about African American history, they said, it helped them understand the ways that historical events led to oppression today—and think about ways they can promote justice.”

Digital Inspiration: How to Send Google Forms with Pre-filled Answers. “This step-by-step video tutorial explains how you can create pre-filled Google Forms with dynamic information from a Google Sheet. You can then use Mail Merge or Document Studio to automatically send the prefilled forms to your contacts in bulk with Gmail.”

Search Engine Journal: How to Completely Set up & Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page. “The employment-oriented platform provides a professional atmosphere for many business operations including hiring, internal communication, and industry-related groups for information, events, and more. However, all of these perks mean nothing if customers can’t find the business in the first place. Or, if there isn’t enough information on the profile and a user loses interest – or the ability to learn what it needs about the company, the messaging really could be all for naught.”


Modern Ghana: Experts On Africa Seek Specialists To Bring African Expertise Closer To International Conversations. “Experts on Africa, an initiative by What’s in it for Africa, launches its call for applications [June 2]. In search of specialists with sector expertise across the fields of Health, Trade, History, Literature, and more to be part of a one-stop-shop database to profile African expertise. The database will launch in early 2021.”

Vanity Fair: Is Trump’s Social Media Firewall Starting To Crumble?. “The Snapchat standoff represents Trumpworld’s most recent clash with social media companies. But the conflicts have been ongoing, particularly since the president came out vocally against police-brutality protesters. Last week Twitter added a cautionary disclaimer to his threats against looting ‘THUGS’ and added a fact-check label to his tweets claiming that mail-in ballots boost voter fraud. Neither step made the tweets inaccessible; rather, users simply had to click through the former post’s warning to read it.”


NBC News: France’s top court upholds $56 million fine for Google over privacy breach. “France’s highest administrative court has upheld a fine of 50 million euros ($56 million) Google was ordered to pay for not being ‘sufficiently clear and transparent’ with Android users about their data protection options.”


Space: NASA needs your help teaching its Curiosity rover how to drive on Mars. “NASA is asking for your help to guide its Curiosity rover around sand traps, sharp rocks and other obstacles on the Red Planet. A new online tool called AI4Mars, hosted on Zooniverse, allows anyone to label parts of the terrain in the landscape surrounding Curiosity, which has been roving on Mars since 2012.”


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