Women DJs Australia, Retro Television, Rush Fanzines, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, June 21, 2020


Stoney Roads: Aussie DJs start new dance directory for women and GNC. 99% sure that GNC in this case is “Gender Non-Conforming.” “About 12 months or so ago, a Google sheet began circulating that conveniently listed a stack of female and GNC producers and DJs from around Australia and New Zealand. It included handy things like artist name, state, links to socials and sometimes an email address to help event bookers and what not reach out. Seems like things got to a certain size that meant turning the once humble doc into a fully functioning directory dubbed the ‘WIP Project’ that not only features artists but also sound engineers, agents, bookers and general industry heads!”

Screen Rant: Watch TV From The 70s, 80s, & 90s On This Cool Retro Website. “A website called My Decade TV, created by Joey Cato, lets users watch TVs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that offer a variety of different channels, including cartoons, game shows, movies, news, music videos, and more. Cato explains in the TV manual, which can be accessed below the TVs, that the websites were created because he wanted ‘to honor the pop culture memories of decades past.’ He went on to add that ‘each site aspires to simulate the vintage experience of channel-surfing on a TV from a particular era,’ so to support that, ‘channel content may not necessarily start playing from the beginning.'” This might be “just” a YouTube wrapper, but if it is it’s ridiculously good. Warning: timesink.

c-X1: The ‘Necromancer’ For All Performers and Portrayers Fanzine Archive. This was a fanzine for the band Rush. “‘The Necromancer’ launched its first four issues across four consecutive months – from July through October of 1988. It then published its next five issues on a bi-monthly basis, ending with its final ninth issue on July/August 1989. Though the fanzine came to an end over thirty years ago, it has now found new life here at A complete archive of each issue is now available for your reading and reminiscing pleasure.”


CNBC: Amazon plans to air Premier League soccer matches for free on Prime and Twitch . “Amazon has announced that it is making all of its Premier League soccer matches free to watch on Amazon Prime and its live video streaming service, Twitch. The tech giant, which has the broadcast rights to four Premier League matches, said an Amazon Prime membership won’t be required to watch the games.”

Reuters: Russia lifts ban on Telegram messaging app after failing to block it. “Russia on Thursday lifted a ban on the Telegram messaging app that had failed to stop the widely-used programme operating despite being in force for more than two years.”



New York Times: The TikTok House Wreaking Havoc Next Door . “When a group of young men moved into a 7,800-square-foot mansion on a quiet street in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles in late January, their new neighbors took notice. Some assumed they were tech entrepreneurs. How else could they afford rent? Soon, the block’s residents began to observe what one might call frat-like behavior.”

Archinect: NMAAHC launches initiative to celebrate the work of Black architects. “The National Museum of African American History and Culture has launched Rendering Visible, a digital collecting initiative intended to celebrate the ‘creative production’ of Black architects.”


CNN: FCC seeks record fine against alleged scam operators who made 1 billion robocalls. “The US government is seeking fines of up to $225 million from health insurance telemarketers who allegedly made a billion unwanted robocalls in violation of Federal Communications Commission rules. The record-breaking penalty, announced Tuesday, is the largest proposed fine in FCC history. It targets Texas-based Rising Eagle for allegedly spamming consumers in more than a half-dozen states, including Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.”


EurekAlert: From Africa to the World: Connecting African innovators and ideas to industry. “The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) today announced the launch of an innovative platform for African innovators to connect with partners who can provide funding, help them scale-up and commercialize their innovations or promote their uptake in policy. The Grand Challenges Africa Innovation Network GCAiN “will provide innovators with the resources they need to succeed. This includes mentors, potential new markets and funding,” said Dr Moses Alobo, Grand Challenges Africa (GC Africa) Programme Manager.”

The Conversation: Algorithms are designing better buildings. “At a basic level, algorithms can be a powerful tool for providing exhaustive information for the design, construction and use of a building. Building information modelling uses comprehensive software to standardise and share data from across architecture, engineering and construction that used to be held separately. This means everyone involved in a building’s genesis, from clients to contractors, can work together on the same 3D model seamlessly. More recently, new tools have begun to combine this kind of information with algorithms to automate and optimise aspects of the building process.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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